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Tuesday, January 31

It's So Nice To Have Help

Today Mike decided to play hooky from work. It was so nice!! Logan decided to sleep in today until 10:30 - can you believe it?? Once he woke up we headed over to Lynnwood. We got quite a bit of shopping done also. We went to Babies R' Us and got Logan some new baby food to try. It's so much cheaper if you buy it by the case! Mike also got him some new toys (our child is WAY too spoiled!). From there we went to Lowe's to look at bathroom sinks, toilets, and fixtures. The sinks in 2 of our bathrooms are starting to fall apart - the porcelain is starting to chip - so we wanted to see how much it might cost to replace them. We also looked at carpet and counter tops. We were good though and didn't buy any of it (probably because we didn't measure for anything ). After that we went to Sears - Mike had to look for accessories for his lawn tractor. Yes, accessories, like a plow, cart, and wheel weights for it. I'm so proud of him though because he didn't buy anything!
Logan was so well-behaved the whole time. We even risked it and stopped and had lunch. He hungrily chowed down his and sat by Mike in the booth and played while we ate our pizza. Now why can't he act like that when it's just me??

Monday, January 30

Rain, Rain - Go AWAY!

I never thought I would say it, but I'm sick of the rain. Every day it's just more and more dreary out. According to the noon news today our little town has received 3.75" of rain - SINCE YESTERDAY!! My poor dog is going to grow webbed feet soon!!

Sunday, January 29

Logan's Newest Things

Last night while we were giving him a bath he started sucking on his upper lip. It sounds so funny!! It sounds like he's smacking his lips but when you look at him a section of his upper lip is gone. He did this the whole time we were giving him a bath. He did it again tonight while we were eating dinner. I can't stop laughing when he does this and he'll just look at me like I'm crazy!
Logan had pears for the first time tonight and he think he might have liked them. I fed him some after we were done eating and they actually made it into his mouth! Of course he only had about 3 baby spoonfuls all together but hey! it's a start. He's also getting alot stronger - he's now able to sit up on his own for quite a long time. Right now he's been sitting on the floor for about 25 minutes and I only had to help him from falling once. My little guy is growing up.

Friday, January 27

A Great Night Out

Tonight Mike & I went on a date. It was such a nice break from the house and from Logan. We were able to enjoy a nice & relaxing dinner without having to rush through it. Even though the service was a little slow it was nothing like the service we had last week. And tonight there wasn't really a rush since the little guy wasn't with us. Even though we don't have any family close by we do have some of the best neighbor's anyone could ask for. They don't mind watching Logan every once in awhile - and they ask for nothing in return! What more could you ask for? Well I'm making this entry nice and short - I want to relax and work on my cross-stitch. Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, January 26

He's Finally Getting Some Hair

I snapped some new pictures of Logan today - I'm so happy he's finally getting some hair. Now we just have to determine what color it is going to be - some days it looks red other days it looks brown. He's been getting so close to rolling over I just wish he would do it already! That way when he wakes up in the middle of the night because he's rolled onto his back he can then roll himself back over.
The solid food isn't going as well as I had originally thought. The past 2 days he wants nothing to do with the rice cereal - but he loves munching on club crackers. OMG - do they make a mess! Everything is covered in that lovely cracker paste. Yesterday he managed to get it up his nose, in his hair, and in his ear.

Wednesday, January 25

Maybe You Need a Nap!

This is in conjunction with my other blog from earlier today. Logan was being cranky again this afternoon so around 2 pm I decided to lay him down for a nap. He decided to wake up after only napping for only 45 minutes. I went in and rocked him for awhile and figured he needed to sleep a little more so I laid him down once again. Once I laid him down I decided that I would also lay down. I felt so much better after napping for about an hour. I woke up and my headache was gone!! Maybe I just need to nap every couple of days

Am I Getting Burned Out?

I'm not quite sure what has been going on for the last couple of days, but I'm just feeling burnt out. Logan has been a little more needy than usual and some days I get very frustrated. I've also been taking it out on my poor husband. Last night I could not get a hold of him to find out what time he would be home, and I proceded to leave him a not so nice message. It seems like about 5:30 is Logan's breaking point - once that time hits he's not happy unless he's being held or constantly being entertained - which makes getting dinner ready is quite an experience!!
He's a good baby during the day for the most part and if he is being crabby he goes up for a nap but once it gets later in the day I don't want to put him down for once because then he won't sleep at night. I'm wondering if this is what happens when babies first start sleeping through the night? He usually wakes up around 7 and will then go back down until 9 or 10 after having a bottle.
I know that I'm pretty much rambling but I just wanted to vent about my frustration - and maybe explain a little about why I haven't been blogging as much lately.

Monday, January 23

Could it be? Does he like it?

Today Logan gave rice cereal another try and ya know what?? I think he might have liked it!! I fed him some around 2 this afternoon - at first he did the usual stuff.........take a little, spit some out, and then shove the fingers in his mouth. But then when I moved the spoon near his mouth he actually took his fingers out of his mouth to have another bite!! Of course he shoved them right back in, but still - he got some. And he ate the whole bowl (about 3 Tbsp. - but baby steps remember??). Tonight I gave him some more and he ate it again, not as much as earlier but I figure it's a start right? Maybe all he needed was a couple of days off from trying the solids. Thank you to everyone for your advice! It's really helped me and I know that if I have a problem I can post it up here and someone is bound to answer with something! hahaha

Sunday, January 22

A Nice Weekend

We had such a good weekend! It was so nice & relaxing, well as relaxed as I can be. Mike gets so frustrated with me because I can't just sit and watch TV, I have to be doing something else also. Most of the time I spend it cross-stitching, other times I will do the laundry or something of the sort. But I think today was almost a first - I watched the entire Seahawks game without doing anything else!! And ya know what - it was kind of nice.
Saturday night we went over to our friend's house - their son turned 2 on Friday so we went over for dinner and cake & ice cream. It was nice to see them.
And like I said, today we spent most of the day watching the games. They were both pretty good and both of the teams I wanted to win did so that's always a good thing. We're going to have a Super Bowl party and it should be pretty fun since our team is going to it!! I'm sure all of Seattle is going to be completely crazy for the next 2 weeks. Even if you're not a big football fan, the fever kind of gets you when your town is going!

Friday, January 20

I Miss Her Every Day

My Grandma would have been 73 today. She passed away on December 9th, 1995 - I was a senior in high school, and I still think about her everyday. And since Logan has been born I think I miss her even more. I know she would be calling me all the time to see how he's doing. I even think she would have bought a computer so that I could email her pictures of him. I was definitely spoiled by my Grandma, I was the oldest of only 5 grandchildren and I was the only girl. Our birthdays were only 2 days apart - she always said I was an early birthday present for her. She babysat me from the time I was a little baby until I started school - my Mom once told me that my Dad would dress me up like a tomboy in bibs and a t-shirt but when they would pick me up from Grandma's house I would have a dress on (usually a new one). I loved going to Bismarck with her because I knew I would always get something new and we would usually eat at either Red Lobster (Grandma loved her lobster) or KFC.
When I was 15 (I think) I took the test to get my permit. I didn't pass it until the third time (I guess I should have studied the first 2 times huh?). Well the second time my Grandma took me down to Bis to take the test. When I came out and I told her that I had flunked it she took me shopping to cheer me up! I think she bought me at least 3 outfits that day!!
My Grandma was one of the best cooks - I loved spending the night at her house because I knew the next morning I would get to pick what I wanted for breakfast - eggs, toast, bacon, waffles, pancakes, whatever. She made the best fried chicken and macaroni shrimp salad! And her Knoefla Soup could not be beat! I wish she had been around for just a little longer so I could have gotten all of her recipes! My Mom makes her popcorn balls every once in awhile and they make me think of Halloween. Grandma would make popcorn balls to hand out to all the kids - she must have made at least 100 of them!! My Grandma also had the most infectious laugh - she was a short little woman and when she laughed her whole body would shake.
If your Grandma is still around I hope you appreciate her very much. I am lucky enough to still have my other Grandma around - I love spending time with her. I don't call her as often as I should but I do send her cards every once in awhile with recent pics. of Logan in there for her & Grandpa to look at. I wish we lived closer so I could see them more often to play cards with them and have her cooking even more often.

Thursday, January 19

Do I Give Up or Forge Ahead?

I am convinced that Logan does not want to grow up. We have now been trying to feed him baby food for the last 3 weeks - he refuses to give it a chance though. We'll put him in his high chair and try to get him to open his mouth by making silly faces, silly sounds, airplane moves with the spoon, but the second the spoon gets near his mouth he clams up. Occasionally he'll let a little get in his mouth but then he either spits it out right away or jams his fingers in his mouth to push it out with those. I am out of ideas and don't know what else to do. HELP!!!

A Very Nice Day Except the Service

I think yesterday was one of the most relaxing birthdays I've had in awhile. I was able to just sit around relax and watch TV with Mike. Logan was not in the best of moods (we think he might still be teething) so he took quite a few naps. Last night we went out to dinner to Claim Jumper we haven't eaten there for awhile and I figured since it was a Wednesday night it shouldn't be that long of a wait. The wait WAS only 15 minutes but once we got seated we could not understand the reason for the wait since there were plenty of tables empty. The waitress came over quickly and took our drink order. I ordered a June Bug (if you've never had one I suggest you do!) and she carded me. Well, when I handed her my ID she saw it was my birthday and wished me a happy day. I thought it very sweet of her and secretly thought since it's my day that we would get decent service. Everything was going fine - we ordered an appetizer and our drinks arrived. She came by and asked how everything was and as soon as we said OK she left. She didn't ask if we were ready to order! Now most of my complaint is this: don't you think if someone is going out to dinner with a baby, and that baby is a little older that the parents (us) know to find what we want as quickly as possible so that we can get our order placed ASAP and get our food and eat our nice dinner before our sweet little guy turns into the it's-almost-my-bedtime-and-I-want-a-bottle-and-bath-and-then-my-bed-NOW!! Nope, she walks by our table at least 3 more times while we're eating our appetizer. Well by this point Logan has messed his pants (I swear somedays he waits until we're out of the house), so Mike takes him to the bathroom. While they're gone the waitress comes by AGAIN and asks how everything is, I tell her fine and say that we're ready to order. I order for both of us and she leaves. Mike gets back and we're figuring now that we've ordered things should go a little quicker. Nope, the table across from us (there are 6 people in their party) were seated after us, yet they somehow receive their food BEFORE us! How in the hell is that possible. By this point Mike is getting annoyed and makes the comment that they must have had to go fishing for my Calamari. Our food finally arrives - it was delicious I must say. Well before I bore you anymore with the story I'll sum the rest up. She waited until it was PLAINLY obvious that we were done eating before she came by again, I asked her for a box, she came back and asked if we wanted anything else. We said no so she said she would get the bill. Instead of bringing the bill though she brought me out a piece of ice cream cake - which was sweet but she still could have brought the bill out at the same time. But instead she waited until we were completely done with the cake before she brought the bill. She then brings the bill so I decide that Logan & I will go and wait at the entrance for Mike while he pays the bill because by this point Logan is getting very cranky. Apparently the manager had to come by and grab the bill because she was taking so long. When we finally got back into our car it was 8 pm - we got to the restaurant a little before 6. Ridiculous or what?? You tell me.

Wednesday, January 18

A Great Day So Far

It's my birthday today!!! Anyone want to guess how old I am??? Today has been great so far - Mike decided to stay home from work - Yay! Logan slept until 8:30 this morning, I went down and fixed him a bottle and brought him back into bed with us and then Mike took him downstairs and I got to SLEEP IN!! I didn't get up until 11:20 this morning. I can't remember the last time I slept that late - it was such a needed break - I loved it. I'm still in my jammies right now - hahaha.
I'm not sure what else is going on today but if I get to lay around all day that would be fine by me.

Tuesday, January 17

Green Beans & A Black Eye

Last night marked the second night that Logan tried green beans. He seems to enjoy them - we think. Either that or it feels really good on his sore gums to chew on the spoon, but either way he's finally tasting the food we've been giving him now for over 2 weeks. For the last 2 nights he's managed to eat all the green beans that we've given him (it's only about 1 Tbsp., but we have to start somewhere). While out shopping for new foods for him to try I've found that they don't make that many flavors in the Stage 1 phase - the only veggies I've been able to find are carrots, sweet potatoes, green beans, and occasionally peas. Is this all they have to offer? As Logan gets older there are little things that I'm finding that annoy me. The food for one - bib colors for another.
Ok, onto the next topic - the black eye. I'm not sure if he has one yet since he's still sleeping this morning, but last night his eye was quite red in the corner. Last night he was playing on the floor with the playgym and for the past couple nights Mike has been having him sit up while he's playing with it. We figure it will help him build up his strength and eventually he'll be able to sit on his own. Mike was sitting on the floor beside him in case he started to lean over - we were watching TV and Mike took his eyes off of him for less than 5 seconds. Next thing I know I look down and Logan has face-planted himself into the floor. Mike scoops him up and Logan begins to cry. Mike managed to calm him down and had him smiling in no time at all. When we took him up for his bath last night though we noticed that the corner of skin right by his eye was pretty red. I'll just have to wait and see if he's got a bruise or if it went away. Hopefully he's just like Mike and doesn't bruise very easily.

* * * BTW - tomorrow is my birthday!! * * * - gifts are greatly appreciated.

*** Update ***
I am happy to report that there is no sign of a black eye!!

Sunday, January 15

2 Teeth in 2 Days

I can't believe it!! Yesterday Logan got his firt tooth and today he got his second one! He now has his two front teeth on the bottom. Last night while giving him a bath I checked his gums but did not notice any redness next to the first tooth - tonight though when I washed his gums I noticed he got another tooth. That would explain why he was so cranky all day today and slept quite a bit. I didn't realize when babies teeth started coming in it would be this fast - at this rate he'll have all his baby teeth by the time he's 6 months old!

Saturday, January 14

First Tooth!

We had been thinking that Logan was teething - he was drooling alot more and he instantly put everything in his mouth, but today (like 10 min. ago) Logan was laying on the floor playing with his playgym. He looked up at me and pulled on his lower lip with one of his fingers and what did I see??? A TOOTH!! It's the front bottom one on the right hand side. Last night when I gave him a bath I washed his gums like I always do, then after washing them I ran my finger over them to see if I could feel anything...........I couldn't. Well today was a pretty rough day, Logan wasn't napping like he usually does (only about 45 min. at a time), and when he was up he was CRANKY. Now this makes it all worth it. I instantly called Mike to let him know and then I called my Mom & Dad to tell them. I can't believe how happy I am about this. I guess it's an early birthday present for me.

I Zerbert You!

Logan loves to be zerberted! I have no idea how to spell the word (I don't even think it's a word) but if you were a big fan of The Cosby Show then you know what I'm talking about. A zerbert is also known as a raspberry to some. Logan gets a big grin on his face every time I do this to him. I usually do it anytime his belly is exposed (after a bath, when I'm dressing him). Last night I had him giggling while I was doing it. And each time I do it I say "I zerbert you", just saying that usually causes him to grin. Try it on a loved one, I'm sure you'll get a smile too.
Last night we picked Mike up from the airport, it's so nice to have him home. Although today he had to get up bright & early and head to school. We haven't gotten to see him much yet but he shouldn't be home too late tonight. He bought Logan a cute little romper that says "Mac Baby". How appropriate is that?
On another note I wanted to let you all know that I'm sitting at home watching the Seahawks game. No, I'm not a football fan but when your city is in the playoffs you have to embrace it!! I just hope they don't lose the first game! Logan is even watching the game (I think he likes the cheering).

"Blizzard or Lizzard?"

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