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Monday, January 23

Could it be? Does he like it?

Today Logan gave rice cereal another try and ya know what?? I think he might have liked it!! I fed him some around 2 this afternoon - at first he did the usual stuff.........take a little, spit some out, and then shove the fingers in his mouth. But then when I moved the spoon near his mouth he actually took his fingers out of his mouth to have another bite!! Of course he shoved them right back in, but still - he got some. And he ate the whole bowl (about 3 Tbsp. - but baby steps remember??). Tonight I gave him some more and he ate it again, not as much as earlier but I figure it's a start right? Maybe all he needed was a couple of days off from trying the solids. Thank you to everyone for your advice! It's really helped me and I know that if I have a problem I can post it up here and someone is bound to answer with something! hahaha


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