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Tuesday, January 17

Green Beans & A Black Eye

Last night marked the second night that Logan tried green beans. He seems to enjoy them - we think. Either that or it feels really good on his sore gums to chew on the spoon, but either way he's finally tasting the food we've been giving him now for over 2 weeks. For the last 2 nights he's managed to eat all the green beans that we've given him (it's only about 1 Tbsp., but we have to start somewhere). While out shopping for new foods for him to try I've found that they don't make that many flavors in the Stage 1 phase - the only veggies I've been able to find are carrots, sweet potatoes, green beans, and occasionally peas. Is this all they have to offer? As Logan gets older there are little things that I'm finding that annoy me. The food for one - bib colors for another.
Ok, onto the next topic - the black eye. I'm not sure if he has one yet since he's still sleeping this morning, but last night his eye was quite red in the corner. Last night he was playing on the floor with the playgym and for the past couple nights Mike has been having him sit up while he's playing with it. We figure it will help him build up his strength and eventually he'll be able to sit on his own. Mike was sitting on the floor beside him in case he started to lean over - we were watching TV and Mike took his eyes off of him for less than 5 seconds. Next thing I know I look down and Logan has face-planted himself into the floor. Mike scoops him up and Logan begins to cry. Mike managed to calm him down and had him smiling in no time at all. When we took him up for his bath last night though we noticed that the corner of skin right by his eye was pretty red. I'll just have to wait and see if he's got a bruise or if it went away. Hopefully he's just like Mike and doesn't bruise very easily.

* * * BTW - tomorrow is my birthday!! * * * - gifts are greatly appreciated.

*** Update ***
I am happy to report that there is no sign of a black eye!!


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