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Wednesday, December 21

Day 2 of Baking = Much Better

Every Christmas when we are able to get together with my family, my brother Taylor & I always bake. And it's not just "oh, let's bake some cookies tonight" we have a huge list (that we give our mom) of stuff we will need for the baking at least a week before we are set to begin so that she can get the kitchen stocked. This year we have a list of about 15 items we would like to make for the holidays. We've been making stuff for the past two nights and have about 6 goodies made so far. Tuesday night we made the dough for sandwich cookies (which I messed up and put in 2 tsp. of nutmeg instead of just 1), fudge (which Taylor messed up and didn't put in the pan soon enough so it got crumbly), and caramel shortbread squares (they turned out). Tonight we made peanut butter balls, dipped pretzels, and sandbakkles. All of these also turned out - hahaha. Tomorrow night I think we'll be baking chocolate chip cookies, caramel chocolate chip bars, and finishing up the sandwich cookies (baking and filling with frosting).
Needless to say with all the baking going on we are beginning to go to the mall to walk so we can enjoy the goodies! hahaha
On another note we went and saw Logan's Great Grandma & Great Grandpa today (my mom's mom & dad). He did so well up there, he even managed to take a nap while we had lunch and we were able to get in a game of Cribbage before he was up again.


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