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Saturday, December 17

We Leave in the Morning...and I haven't even packed!! (but yet I find time to blog)

I'm such a proscrastinator - we will be on the road for the frozen tundra of ND in less than 18 hours and I don't have ANY of our clothes packed - OK I take that back, I do have Logan's packed. But I haven't even started on mine & Mike's laundry yet. I always tell myself that I'm not going to wait until the last minute and yet it always happens!! I do have the Christmas presents packed up and a nice big pile of stuff that we have to take back in the living room. Thank goodness Mike will be home from school early this afternoon. He has his finals today and his last one started at 10:30 this morning. I ran to the store this morning to get some snacks for the trip and finished doing all the rest of the errands before we go on the road. That's right everyone we are driving back to ND - it's about 18-20 hours worth of driving. We'll be stopping in Billings, MT to stay with my relatives and then Monday morning we'll head to Bismarck. So far the road/weather conditions are looking good - I hope it stays that way.


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