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Monday, December 12

Christmas Is Almost Here!

I have all of the Christmas presents wrapped!! And I only have about 3 left to buy - and there are 2 weeks to spare - hahaha We have decided not to buy anything for Logan this year - we did put some money into his CD at the bank. Since it's his first Christmas we figure he's going to get so many things anyways that there was no reason for us to buy him another toy or another outfit.
On Friday night Mike sat up Logan's high chair and Saturday we gave it a try with him. He didn't mind sitting it (why should he, it's like another toy - it's got toys & music on the tray part). Since he was content in it we figured we would try to give him some rice cereal (he's been eating it with his formula for a couple weeks now). I mixed some up in the bowl and got out one of his baby spoons. I handed it to Mike so he could feed him while I took some pictures. Mike put a little on the spoon, put it in Logan's mouth and out it came! Logan instantly pushed it out with his tongue. Mike tried a couple more times but to no avail. I guess Logan is still trying to figure out how his little tongue works.
We tried again on Sunday but Logan did the same thing. I guess we'll just have to keep trying until Logan figures out this is the next step to getting bigger!


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