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Sunday, November 20

He's Got An Ingrown Toenail -- Ouch!!

Why is it that our children get our worst traits? I got my dad's pudgy fingers and my mom's ugly fingernails - and now I've seemed to pass along some bad traits to Logan. Let me explain. On Thursday night I was giving him a bath and noticed that one of his big toes was very red. I looked at it and squeezed it a little bit to see if it hurt him when I did, but as far as I could tell it didn't bother him. Last night while we were giving him his bath I looked at it again and noticed that it now has a little bump on it that is full of puss. I cannot believe that the poor little guy has an ingrown toe nail, he's too young!! I haven't even clipped his toe nails yet because they haven't grown very much since he was born. I guess we'll just have to keep an eye on it and massage it to see if we can coax the nail to grow outward. I hope it heals itself, I can't imagine having to take a 4 month old in to get an ingrown removed, it hurt bad enough when I had to get mine removed right before he was born!!


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