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Monday, November 14

Discovering New Things

It's amazing how fast time goes by. I can't believe Logan is now over 3 months old. He's getting so big! Everyday he seems to be doing something new. Yesterday he was fussing a little bit so I decided to put him in the Baby Bjorn (which by the way is one of the best things I've gotten since Logan was born). I was taping up a box and dropped the tape dispenser on the ground. When I bent down to pick it up Logan laughed. I bent down again and he laughed again. It was so cute, it was also the first time that Mike has heard him laugh. I had heard him do it a couple times but never this much. It was such a cute sound!
Logan is also learning more about his hands. He's got a lot more control of them and is able to hold onto things a lot better. It's so much fun watching him play with his toys and now he's beginning to put things into his mouth. It seems as though he's exploring them with his mouth. He's also starting to "talk" more. He makes all sorts of baby sounds, they're so cute! He will make these high pitched squeals, and if we talk back to him or make nois back he will try to imitate them.
Logan also enjoys sitting up more now. He wants to be aware of his surroundings. His boppy works great for this purpose since it gives him the support that he needs in order to sit. He's getting to be such a big guy!!


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