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Monday, August 29

A Nice Visit

Well it's Monday again and everybodie's back to work. We had a really fun weekend. Mike had some family in town. On Friday we took Logan out to visit some friends and some of my co-workers. We picked his cousin up from the airport. It was so nice to get to see Gwen. On Sunday we went to a baseball game with Gwen, her dad, and her dad's girlfriend. It was a good game. They actually won!! Our friends watched Logan while we were at the game. It was hard to be away from him for that long, but it was also nice to get some time to ourselves. We started car shopping this weekend, I'm already sick of it!! I just hate dealing with car salesmen. I wish we could just find a car and be done with it. I think Mike is going to look some more today, maybe he'll find something so we don't have to spend next weekend doing the same thing.


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