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Thursday, August 11

One Week Old

I can't believe Logan is already one week old. Time flies by! Everyday we're learning more about what he needs. As long as he's changed and fed he's happy. I was a little worried before thinking he could only be content if he was being held, but so far today he's been hanging out in his little bouncy chair that Grandma got him. Last night he had a really good night again. He slept for about 4 1/2 hours, got up to eat and then slept for about another 4 hours. We've been blessed so far.
The wall bricks arrived this morning at about 11:30. Dad & Mike are getting started on doing the retaining wall. They are planning on doing 3 levels of the wall. They chopped down the tree that was in the middle of the yard down at the bottom of the hill.


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