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Wednesday, August 17

2 Week Check-Up

Today Mom, Dad, and Taylor left. It was so nice having them out. They helped us out so much with Logan and doing the retaining wall. Hopefully Mike with the help of some of our friends will be able to finish it this next weekend.
Logan had his 2 week check-up today. He now weighs 8 lbs. 14 3/4 oz. He is little over 20" long. He is doing very well. Today we tried once again to get his social security number. I hate dealing with the government. When I called the SS office they told me all that we needed to get a number for him was his birth certificate, but when we showed up and presented them with that we were told we needed a letter from the doctor's office with the same exact info. on it that the birth certificate has. So now once we get that letter we will have to make a third trip over there and hope we are able to get his number.
It's amazing how much a baby costs. We ran to Target while we were out, we just needed to pick up a couple things for Logan. Before we knew it we had dropped over $100!! Of course it wasn't all for Logan but still!
I'm not sure what's up with the little guy today but ever since we got home from running our errands he has only slept a little bit. Usually he'll take like 2-3 hour naps, but today none of them have lasted longer than 30 minutes. I hope this pattern doesn't continue tonight.


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