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Wednesday, September 14

Pee, Poop and more Pee

When they say babies are pooping and peeing machines they aren't kidding!! Yesterday while I was changing Logan he ended up peeing on me, the changing table, and the carpet. Then today I had a doctor's appointment, Mike was going to meet me there to pick up Logan. I had changed him before we left the house. When we got to the doctor's office though I could smell that he had pooped again. I took a seat in the waiting area figuring that I would change him once we got back to the examining room. I took one look though and saw that it was coming out of the diaper and seeping into the carseat!! I could not believe it, how can such a little guy make so much poop?!?! After getting done at the doctor's office I came home and asked Mike if the diaper was on wrong or something. He said nope the poop just spilled out everywhere! We had to throw the carseat cover in the wash along with his outfit. Then I decided to run into town to grab us some dinner. I get back to the house only to find out that Logan has now managed to pee on his sock, changing blanket, and on Mike's jeans. He's definately living up to the saying!


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