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Friday, November 11

We Might Have a Schedule Going On

I think Logan might have a little bit of a schedule. He usually gets up at around 10 am, then lays down for a nap around 11:30, sleeps about an hour, goes down for another nap around 2:30-3:00, sleeps about 2 hours, and then is up until about 8 pm. At night he will usually sleep at least 10 hours. There might be a couple nights where he might get up at around 4 to eat a little, but he's usually back asleep within 15 minutes and will sleep until around 10. We've heard from all of our friends who have kids that we are very blessed to have such a good sleeper. Yesterday though I came to realize how good it is to have a schedule and a baby does not enjoy it if that schedule changes. I had a dentist appointment yesterday morning at 10, after that we went down to where Mike works to meet him for lunch. Because we were out and about Logan didn't lay down for a nap until after 2 pm (he didn't have a morning one at all). This completely messed him up. He was so overtired he didn't know what to do. He slept for about 20 minutes and then was awake and screaming. I went up to comfort him and he would not settle down. He laid and cried off and on in his crib for about 45 minutes. I decided to give up and went up and got him. He was up until about 4:30, he started getting sleepy so I put him down again. This time he slept for around 30 minutes and once he was up he was no longer a happy baby. At about 6:30 I gave him his bath and he was in his crib by 7. Normally he doesn't get his bath until 7:30, but I knew he was so tired he had to get some sleep. He cried in his crib for about 5 minutes and then was out for the rest of the night. He slept until 10 this morning.
Today he has been in a much better mood, he's currently taking his first nap (he's been asleep for 45 minutes)


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