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Friday, September 16

A Smile Captured!

I was finally able to get a picture of Logan smiling. It's such a proud moment in a parent's life :) Today Mike, Logan, and I went shopping. We wanted to find Logan a toy that lit up since we've found that he is fascinated by lights. We went to Toys 'R Us and found the perfect thing to buy. It's a Fisher-Price Kick & Whirl Carnival. It has a red & white colored arch, in the middle of the arch is a circle that is comprised of different shapes and colored balls. Below the arch there are 3 toys that hang down. When these toys are spun it causes the circle to spin, play music, and light up. After Mike finished putting it together he laid Logan on the floor, turned it on, and spun on of the toys. Logan just stared at the lights. Pretty soon he was smiling. It was so cute!! He's smiled before but just for a brief second or two, but when watching the toy I was actually able to grab the camera and snap a picture of him. The little joys of being a parent.


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