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Saturday, November 19

He's Already Watching Cartoons!!

Oh My Gosh, I can't believe it! Logan is only 15 weeks old and he's already watching cartoons. Mike said he liked them, but I just thought he was kidding. Today I found out the truth though. We were sitting downstairs and I decided to see if I could put him in the swing for awhile (lately he hasn't been liking it very much). So I put him in the swing and he started fussing like usual. I figured I would leave in it for a little bit so that I was able to get some stuff done around the house. I turned it to Nickelodeon and Jimmy Neutron was on. I went upstairs to put some of Logan's clothes away and about 2 minutes later he wasn't crying anymore. Well I figured he must have fallen asleep, I finished putting the clothes away and then I went down to check on him. There he was wide awake and watching Neutron. He was even giggling a couple times! I guess I can look at this as either a good thing or bad thing, only time will tell.

Well I think I spoke too soon! As I finish writing this Logan is starting to fuss.


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