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Wednesday, November 16

I made him laugh, oh and he has a hickey!!

So today I had Logan on the floor and we were doing the usual playing. I was making him run and do "so big!", and he was playing with his play gym. And I started talking to him and acting like I was tickling him. At first he just kind of looked at me but then he started scrunching his neck up. I did it a couple more times and before I knew it he was giggling. I was using my index fingers and I would just wiggle them under his neck, he would scrunch up and then do the cutest baby laugh. It was hilarious, pretty soon he had me laughing along with him. We did that for about 10 minutes before he got bored. It's so neat watching him learn new things all the time.
Speaking of new things Logan has a hickey. Yup, he gave it to himself! On Sunday I was carrying him around the house and he was sucking on his arm. Mike was like "one of these days he's going to give himself a hickey", well when we laid him down to change his diaper his arm was all red. By the end of the day it had turned into a little hickey. It's still there a little bit, hopefully it will be gone soon. I'm sure another one will replace it though.


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