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Saturday, November 26

We Had A Fun Thanksgiving

I love the Holidays!! I think this year they are going to be even better! Even though Logan will only be about 5 months by the time it's Christmas I think he will enjoy it. Christmas is my favorite holiday (and not just because of the gifts ), I love getting to decorate, go shopping for gifts, and look at all the Christmas lights. This year I won't get to decorate though since we'll be traveling back to ND for the holidays. I hope Logan does OK on the trip back, it will be a long one since we'll be driving. I also pray that the weather will cooperate while we are on the road!!
Well this year I got to be one of those crazy shoppers that went out the day after Christmas-I loved it!! I haven't gotten to do that since we moved out here. I left the house at around 8 am and was to the stores by about 8:20. I didn't have too many stops to make and I stuck to my list for the most part. I only had to deal with one long line (Disney store-I waited in line for about 1 1/2 hours)-but other than that everywhere else was OK. I'm also happy too that I only have a couple people left to shop for.
Our Thanksgiving was very nice-we went over to a friend's house. Logan did very well. He just laid on the floor and played with Mike and the other kids. I'm so glad that as he's getting bigger and older he's able to kind of entertain himself. We have found that lately if we put his swing in front of the TV he will watch cartoons while we're eating dinner.
Logan's toe also seems to be getting a little better, it's not as red as it was before. I'm so glad too since I have had the misfortune of having to have one removed and it hurt like Hell!!


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