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Tuesday, December 6

He got a new toy...........It's too soon to know if he likes it though

Last night Mike brought home a new toy for Logan. We're not sure though if he likes it. It's a cute exersaucer that looks like a jeep. It has all sorts of little toys around it - rattles, keys, cell phone, fan, steering wheel with horn, and a compass. All them either move around or make noise. We sat Logan in it last night and he was in there for about 2 minutes before he started crying.
This morning when he woke up I put him in it again and he seemed to enjoy it. He sat in there for about 10 minutes playing with the keys and holding the cell phone but as soon as I started showing him the rattle and the ball that has little balls in it so that it makes noise he started screaming. I took him out of it and sat him on my lap. I tried again to show him it and he enjoyed everything. Once I shook the rattle though he screamed. And not just a baby scream - it was a terrifying high pitched scream. I'm not sure if it's just too loud of a noise or something that he's just unfamiliar with. I guess only time will tell - he acted the same way with the play gym that we bought him but now he likes to lay on the floor and play with it.


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