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Wednesday, December 14

Just a typical Day for a SAHM of a 4 month old!

Yesterday was Logan's 4 month check-up and you know what that means..........more shots!! Poor little guy - he had to get 4 of them - OUCH!! He was a trooper though, he cried of course but the instant I picked him up from the exam table he started to calm down. We got home around 7 and Mike gave him a bath and bottle and he slept through the night. That makes it 2 days in a row - YAY!!! The doctor said he looks great - he's right on track for his age. 15 lbs. 7 oz and 25 1/4" tall.
I was a little worried about today - I thought he would probably be cranky from the shots since I'm sure his little thighs are sore from it, but I'm happy to report he's been pretty good today so far. He slept until 9 and is currently taking his first nap of the day
When I first started blogging I thought maybe I would just talk about Logan for the most part - and so far I've done just that, but now I'm thinking I might start talking about other things. What do you think? Does anyone even read this? (As you can probably tell from the last question I need to know that I'm liked by other people - one of my many flaws I guess) So if anyone is reading this leave me a comment! hahaha
So you might be wondering about how the typical day started? Well once he was up and dressed we came downstairs and I made him a bottle - he hungrily chowed it down. After that I was sitting, holding Logan since he was a little cranky and I figure today I can spoil him a little since last night was so rough for him. Well he gave me a nice sized burp but nothing followed (thank goodness!!), but no less than about 5 minutes later and my shoulder is feeling really warm. Oh yeah, you guessed it - he spit up! So I got myself cleaned up and turned Logan around and at that moment he decided to spit up again - Where did it go you might ask? Right down the front of my shirt - GROSS! I guess these things are going to be happening to me all the time huh? Oh well, I still love being at home with him and just seeing him smile or making him laugh makes all of it worthwhile.


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