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Tuesday, December 13

Not Spit Up - It was Throw-Up!

**DISCLAIMER - - DO NOT read this if you get nauseated easily!**
OMG!! I thought today was going to be great. I mean Logan had slept through the night for the first time in weeks - he went to bed last night around 8 and slept until about 9:20 this morning. I heard him stir a couple times last night but he never woke. I went up to his room this morning and we had our normal conversation:
ME - Good morning Little Man!
Logan- (Screaming!!)
ME - Ugh! Let's change that diaper - STINKY!!
Logan - (Softer scream)
ME - (Snapping my fingers), Hey Logan no need to cry (giving him kisses)
Logan - (finally decides to open his eyes and gives me his big toothless smile)
ME - Ok now that we're done being cranky, What should we wear today?
Logan - starts doing his baby oohing

I procede to pick out one of his cute little Winnie the Pooh outfits - it's a blue and white striped one piece, I grab a pair of blue socks to put on him. We then make our way downstairs and I figure I'll make him an 8 oz. bottle today since yesterday after 6 oz. he was still hungry. I mix up the 8 oz. and add a little rice cereal to it. We then come down to the living room. I put his bib on him (my favorite one that says "It's ALL about Mommy & me!"), lay him back and give him the bottle. He hungrily eats it all in about 15 minutes, I sit him up to burp him, and about 2 minutes later I'm rewarded with a big, loud BELCH!! Oh, but wait! That's not all, after the burp he proceded to projectile vomit! He's always been a baby that spits up but today it actually launched out of his mouth and landed on me, him, the couch, the floor, the remote, and a little on the laptop! I can't believe how much force it came out with! Needless to say, he lasted about 20 minutes in his first outfit of the day.
He's now laying on the floor playing with his playgym as content as can be, as though nothing happened just 15 minutes ago - while I'm stuck wondering "How do you get baby vomit out of a microfiber suede couch??"


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