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Tuesday, December 13

Solids.....Part 3

This afternoon when Logan woke up from his nap I brought him downstairs and laid him on the couch. I was sitting beside him talking to him when Pooh decided to come over and pay us a visit. He sat beside Logan and Logan instantly starting grabbing at him - this is one of Logan's new things, he grabs at everything. Pooh sat there and just looked at Logan like "what are you doing?". Logan tugged at him again and this time got a pretty good grip and in retaliation Pooh looked at him again and gave him a nice big kiss on the face! This time though Logan gave Pooh the look that said "what are YOU doing?".
Tonight was day 3 of having Logan try solids again. He still hasn't grasped the concept that the food is meant to stay in his mouth. The minute Mike puts the spoon to his lips he sticks his tongue out. It's frustrating but yet so cute at the same time. He makes the funniest faces when Mike is trying to feed him. I just stand there and laugh (I know - I'm a big help).
I can't believe how fast my baby is growing up!! Tonight while getting his bath ready we decided to take the cushion insert out of the tub to see how Logan would handle it. Mike laid him in there and he was fine - I actually think he enjoyed it more since he's now lower in the tub which means more water to cover him. He splashed in there and had a great time and the whole time I'm just thinking to myself "he's getting so big - pretty soon crawling, then walking, and before I know it getting a driver's license!!" Well, maybe I exaggerate a little .
Tomorrow Logan goes in for his 4 month check-up which means...............yup, you guessed it - MORE SHOTS!! I didn't have to go to the last appointment that entailed that, Mike had to go at it alone, but tomorrow I will be there holding my baby while he screams. I'm getting sad just thinking about it!


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