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Monday, December 19

Today Was MUCH Better

We have officially arrived in Bismarck safe and sound. We left Billings around 10:30 and got to Bismarck at 4:30 - so we made pretty good time. Logan did really well today, I think we've found the solution. I drove, Pooh Bear sat up front with me, and Logan & Mike rode in the back. It worked pretty well since everytime that Logan started to fuss Mike was back there to help him. When we got here my dad was the only one home so he got a little bit of "Grandson" (or as he refers to him - "mini-me") time all to himself. My mom got home from work shortly after. They couldn't get over how big he's gotten - and they love the fact that now he's more responsive and smiles at them when they talk to him. Logan & I had flown back at the end of September and at that time he was only 7 weeks old.
After dinner we went to my brother's high school Christmas concert. Everyone sounded amazing, but Logan didn't agree - during one particular solo when the girl hit the high note he started screaming. Thank goodness my husband had a quick exit strategy!! I'm sure it was mainly because he was so overtired - I mean come on, he hasn't had a "real" nap in 2 days!! Sorry to cut this short tonight but I'm beat. Hope you all are having a great Monday!!


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