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Thursday, December 29

Christmas is Over

We all got so many nice things for Christmas - too many to list. I'll give you the Cliff Notes version, hahaha. Mike got a Poker chips/table from my mom & dad - he already won $40 from my aunt's boyfriend. He also got some new SouthPark slippers, some new Dean Koontz books, and lots of money. I got a nice big clock to put in our living room, chenille socks, Bath & Body Works shower gel, a hair straightener, money, some yummy smelling Pier 1 candles, a windchime, and a beautiful diamond & peridote necklace (Logan's birthstone). Logan made out like a spoiled brat. He got so many clothes - too many to name, a tumbling Tigger, a LeapPad learning table, books, and some really cute stuffed animals. I'm getting worried about how it's going to fit in the truck for the way back. We might be paying a visit to the UPS store - hahaha.
I can't believe Logan's first Christmas is over - I'm so glad though that we were able to spend it with family. It was kind of disappointing that we didn't have a white Christmas - but it's making up for it now!! I think we've got over 4" of snow on the ground. I just hope it stops before we have to drive back to WA - I hate driving when the roads are crappy. We'll be watching the weather forecast to determine if we need to leave a day early or not.


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