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Saturday, January 14

First Tooth!

We had been thinking that Logan was teething - he was drooling alot more and he instantly put everything in his mouth, but today (like 10 min. ago) Logan was laying on the floor playing with his playgym. He looked up at me and pulled on his lower lip with one of his fingers and what did I see??? A TOOTH!! It's the front bottom one on the right hand side. Last night when I gave him a bath I washed his gums like I always do, then after washing them I ran my finger over them to see if I could feel anything...........I couldn't. Well today was a pretty rough day, Logan wasn't napping like he usually does (only about 45 min. at a time), and when he was up he was CRANKY. Now this makes it all worth it. I instantly called Mike to let him know and then I called my Mom & Dad to tell them. I can't believe how happy I am about this. I guess it's an early birthday present for me.


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