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Saturday, January 14

I Zerbert You!

Logan loves to be zerberted! I have no idea how to spell the word (I don't even think it's a word) but if you were a big fan of The Cosby Show then you know what I'm talking about. A zerbert is also known as a raspberry to some. Logan gets a big grin on his face every time I do this to him. I usually do it anytime his belly is exposed (after a bath, when I'm dressing him). Last night I had him giggling while I was doing it. And each time I do it I say "I zerbert you", just saying that usually causes him to grin. Try it on a loved one, I'm sure you'll get a smile too.
Last night we picked Mike up from the airport, it's so nice to have him home. Although today he had to get up bright & early and head to school. We haven't gotten to see him much yet but he shouldn't be home too late tonight. He bought Logan a cute little romper that says "Mac Baby". How appropriate is that?
On another note I wanted to let you all know that I'm sitting at home watching the Seahawks game. No, I'm not a football fan but when your city is in the playoffs you have to embrace it!! I just hope they don't lose the first game! Logan is even watching the game (I think he likes the cheering).


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