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Thursday, January 19

A Very Nice Day Except the Service

I think yesterday was one of the most relaxing birthdays I've had in awhile. I was able to just sit around relax and watch TV with Mike. Logan was not in the best of moods (we think he might still be teething) so he took quite a few naps. Last night we went out to dinner to Claim Jumper we haven't eaten there for awhile and I figured since it was a Wednesday night it shouldn't be that long of a wait. The wait WAS only 15 minutes but once we got seated we could not understand the reason for the wait since there were plenty of tables empty. The waitress came over quickly and took our drink order. I ordered a June Bug (if you've never had one I suggest you do!) and she carded me. Well, when I handed her my ID she saw it was my birthday and wished me a happy day. I thought it very sweet of her and secretly thought since it's my day that we would get decent service. Everything was going fine - we ordered an appetizer and our drinks arrived. She came by and asked how everything was and as soon as we said OK she left. She didn't ask if we were ready to order! Now most of my complaint is this: don't you think if someone is going out to dinner with a baby, and that baby is a little older that the parents (us) know to find what we want as quickly as possible so that we can get our order placed ASAP and get our food and eat our nice dinner before our sweet little guy turns into the it's-almost-my-bedtime-and-I-want-a-bottle-and-bath-and-then-my-bed-NOW!! Nope, she walks by our table at least 3 more times while we're eating our appetizer. Well by this point Logan has messed his pants (I swear somedays he waits until we're out of the house), so Mike takes him to the bathroom. While they're gone the waitress comes by AGAIN and asks how everything is, I tell her fine and say that we're ready to order. I order for both of us and she leaves. Mike gets back and we're figuring now that we've ordered things should go a little quicker. Nope, the table across from us (there are 6 people in their party) were seated after us, yet they somehow receive their food BEFORE us! How in the hell is that possible. By this point Mike is getting annoyed and makes the comment that they must have had to go fishing for my Calamari. Our food finally arrives - it was delicious I must say. Well before I bore you anymore with the story I'll sum the rest up. She waited until it was PLAINLY obvious that we were done eating before she came by again, I asked her for a box, she came back and asked if we wanted anything else. We said no so she said she would get the bill. Instead of bringing the bill though she brought me out a piece of ice cream cake - which was sweet but she still could have brought the bill out at the same time. But instead she waited until we were completely done with the cake before she brought the bill. She then brings the bill so I decide that Logan & I will go and wait at the entrance for Mike while he pays the bill because by this point Logan is getting very cranky. Apparently the manager had to come by and grab the bill because she was taking so long. When we finally got back into our car it was 8 pm - we got to the restaurant a little before 6. Ridiculous or what?? You tell me.


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