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Monday, July 30

Why? *Update*

**FYI - I'm going against Mike's wishes and posting this**

Friday night we attended my cousin's wedding. The actual ceremony was at 3 pm – right when Logan is usually napping. Mike & I had made the decision earlier in the week that we would probably not be going to the ceremony and instead go to the reception and dance. We thought this way Logan would be able to take a nap and we would get to enjoy the dinner and dance with our munchkin being in a good mood. We felt that taking him to the ceremony where he would most likely be disruptive would NOT be a good idea.

Apparently we made the wrong choice.

After the dance had begun my Aunt (cousin's Mother) felt the need to come over and ask why we weren't at the wedding. I told her my reasoning and said I had even mentioned it to my Mom, saying that I felt bad about having to miss it but just thought it made more sense. She then had the audacity to say, "You're a big girl Tanya. You know right from wrong." WHAT??? Yeah, and to me "wrong" would be taking a fussy 2 year old to a wedding ceremony. She said this in front of me, Mike, Taylor, my Aunt Shelia, and Al (Shelia's boyfriend). We all went completely silent – I think Taylor's eyes almost popped out of his head. We were stunned!! (Although we shouldn't have been since she likes to pull this crap all.the.time) And it was quite convenient how she made this statement while my Mom & Dad were out on the dance floor. Oh, and want to know the real kicker?? Her own brother and brother-in-law didn't make it to any part of the wedding, yet they apparently had "clearance" because it's a busy time of year for them and it's hard to get away. What.Ever!

There have been three distinctive times that she has felt the need to be this rude to me. (I'll spare you the details because this post would last for PAGES.) I don't understand it – does this make her feel better?? When you're around her she's always b*@ching about someone in her family. And everyone just lets it slide. I'm not going to do that anymore. She is SO lucky that I just turned my back after she made that comment and didn't say one of the million things that were flying through my head.

After she moved away from where we were sitting Mike & I come to find out that she had called Shelia gullible because she watched Logan while I was in Cannon Beach. Why is someone gullible if they want to spend time with their nephew? I guess she also told Shelia "good luck sleeping with him staying at your place". How the hell does she know how Logan sleeps – she's never been around him long enough to know. We've been back in ND (in the same town as her) for 6 months now and I think I've seen her three times.

Do you think I was wrong by missing the wedding? I'm curious to find out because I know for a fact she reads this blog and I'm sure she'll be very interested to know your opinions. I think this is the only time in the two years since I've been blogging that I've complained about a family member. Who knows, maybe this will be an eye-opener for her. Either that or I'll be getting a phone call *rolling eyes*

On a happier note here is my cousin Josh and new bride Nichole

I just wanted to add a point that Jeri had mentioned in her comment. Yes, they had a videographer and I'm sure you would have been able to hear him on the tape. Because, as I've said before, the kid talks - ALOT!! But see that would have been the complaint if we had come to the wedding - Logan can be heard on the tape. There is no pleasing her.

Thursday, July 26

Saturday the 21st

We woke up to rain again. But luckily it was just a light sprinkle. After breakfast we decided to risk it and walk down to the sand. I'm so happy we did! We walked out to the famous Haystack rock and it was the perfect time of day to do it – low tide. We had the privilege of examining a marine garden. When the tide is low almost all of Haystack rock is exposed so many tourists take the opportunity to walk around the tide pools and examine the living sea creatures in the water. We saw everything from baby crab to sea anemones to starfish. It was so interesting! We also spent some time visiting with a lady who works for the Oregon state park system. We found out quite a bit from her. For instance, did you know that starfish do not have eyes or an actual brain?

After getting back to the cottages we decided to drive down to Tillamook and tour the cheese factory. We stopped in Garibaldi and picked up my Aunt Arliss. It was great to be able to visit with her for a bit. We had a lovely lunch at The Blue Heron. Jeri & I even did a bit of wine tasting while we were there. And I'm surprised to say I tasted a couple that I really enjoyed. I might even have to order a bottle or two J The cheese factory was interesting as always. And I couldn't go there without having the wonderful white licorice ice cream. I also picked up some cheese to bring back. You just can't go to a cheese factory without buying some cheese!

That evening we enjoyed a lovely dinner of ribs (provided by Becca's husband Mitch), fettuccini alfredo, and Caesar salad. It was a wonderful night of staying in and just visiting with the other ladies. After dinner we played a game of Scrabble (I won) and then Becca & Jeri retired to their room. Christina, Grace & I stayed up after 1 am just talking. It was so great just visiting with other women. I don't think I went to bed before 1 am the entire time I was there.

Tuesday, July 24

Friday – the 20th

Well for once they were correct when the weather forecast came in – rain all day. It kept changing back and forth from misting to big drops and some wind thrown in just for good measure. We made the best of the day though.

We started out by having breakfast at the Pig N Pancake restaurant – I decided to treat myself to Dungeness crab eggs benedict. I was not disappointed – they were SO good! After having breakfast we headed over to Seaside and hit the outlet mall there. I managed to find some stuff (as if there was any doubt) for myself and Logan (why is he so darn easy to buy for???). Once we got back to Cannon Beach we shopped some more and of course I found more gifts and a couple things for myself. I am so glad I brought an empty suitcase with!

Friday night we treated ourselves to a very upscale restaurant in the area. The Wayfarer – it was phenomenal! I had the calamari along with an organic arugula salad. The salad was made with fresh pears, hazelnuts, blue cheese and a clover-honey-raspberry vinaigrette. I have to admit though, I've never had calamari with whole baby squids thrown in for good measure. It was interesting but so, so yummy.

After dinner we headed back to Becca & Jeri's little cottage for some more visiting and card playing. We ended up playing "Nerts" – which is a combination of solitaire and speed. It's a game that's meant to be played quickly and can often get too loud. Apparently Grace & I were a little too loud for the staff that lives behind that cottage. They had the nerve to knock on our wall! We were not remotely loud – come listen to my family play nerts, now that is LOUD!!

I had a wonderful time on this trip with the other gals. I'm so glad I was able to still make it on the trip even though we moved back to ND. It's been so relaxing and something I think I really needed. It's the first time I've been away from Logan for so long but I think it's something every Mom needs to experience and treat themselves to.

Thursday, July 19

I want to fly away. Yeah, yeah.

  • Today I spent at least 1/3 of my day either in the air or waiting at an airport. Ah, the joys of flying out of a city with only two airlines. Did you know that some airports aren't open 24 hours? Mine happens to be one of those – they don't open until 4 am. Guess you would never know unless you arrived at 3:55 for a 5 am flight huh? I could get into the airport but the airline kiosks weren't even on.
  • While waiting for my connection to leave Minneapolis I had the pleasure of sitting beside a gentleman who decided he needed to read the entire newspaper aloud. Needless to say I moved.
  • Did you know some airports offer free Wi-Fi while others do not? Minneapolis charges $7.95 for a day of internet usage. What a rip off – I think I'll just sit and type up some blog fodder.
  • People watching at the airport is not nearly as fun as doing it at the mall – might have something to do with the fact that if you act too crazy you'll be taken away quite quickly. That would be interesting to watch though.
  • I saw the most amazing sunrise this morning while in the air. The horizon was a mixture of red, orange and yellow. As the sun began to peak up it was this brilliant red. I wish I had snapped a picture instead of slamming down the window shade and falling back asleep.
  • Have you ever fallen asleep while on an airline only to dream that you were falling and proceed to wake up by jumping a little? Then after waking up you realize your head was resting on the passenger (read: complete stranger) next to you and you were drooling a little. Yeah, me neither.

We have arrived in Cannon Beach and it's been great! The weather is perfect here. Tomorrow we're hoping to check out some of the local shopping in town. Oh, and I've already found a place that has white licorice ice cream J Yum!!

Tuesday, July 17

Make A Decision!

  • Well I think we've decided that we are going to have Logan's birthday the first weekend in September. I think it will work out well for everyone. If we had decided to have the party on his actual birthday (August 4th) some would not have been able to make it. Mike's Mom and some Aunts would be in Alaska, my parents were contemplating about going on vacation around that time, and Logan's cousins that live here are spending the summer with their Dad in Virginia so they would also be absent. I think by holding off the party it will work out better for everyone. And, like I said before, it will force us help us to get our house unpacked.

  • In less than 3 days I will be in Cannon Beach! I am getting so excited. I've got about 4 lists made that are laying throughout the house with notes on them. I hope I don't forget anything too important! I'm planning on blogging while I'm there – we'll see if it actually happens.
  • I am still recovering from a cold that I got before the 4th – I'm so sick of sounding like an 80-year-old-woman-who-has-smoked-2-packs-of-cigarettes-a-day-for-the-past-65-years!
  • I'm wondering how many times Mike will call me? This will be the longest him & Logan have been together…..alone. Logan's Great Auntie Shelia though has volunteered to have him stay the night on Thursday night. I just hope he doesn't get sick like last time! I'm sure everything will be fine but I still have to worry about something right?
  • Not sure if I've mentioned it lately but I absolutely love my job! I am so bummed though that Harry Potter will be out for a grand 3 days before I'll be able to begin reading it. No one tell me anything about it!!

Thursday, July 12

One Week

In one week I will be flying halfway across the country to meet some great ladies. By early Thursday evening we will all be in Cannon Beach – hopefully relaxing and talking until our throats are sore. We'll be there for 4 days/3 nights and I cannot wait. I think this vacation is coming at the perfect time for me. Once I get back from the trip I'll be busy packing and getting ready for our move. We also have a wedding to attend the following weekend and the weekend following that is Logan's birthday. We haven't decided yet if we're going to have his party that weekend or maybe wait until we're moved into the house. If we wait until we're moved in his birthday will be at least 3 weeks late but on the other hand it will give us the opportunity to have everyone at our new home. It would also give me a good reason to get things unpacked and put away ;)

Tuesday, July 10

I’m Baaaackkkk!

I'm back from my little blogging vacation….did anyone miss me?

I had a great time with my family around – Logan was worn out by the time his cousins left. He met some relatives he's never seen before and to say they were smitten by him would be an understatement! He got particularly attached to one of my cousins, Matthew. He loved following him around and Matthew was so good to him! He's quite a bit older than Logan (almost 12) but he was so patient with him. Logan insisted that Matthew ride in the truck with him & Mike when they went to buy fireworks.

He didn't enjoy the fireworks too much until I covered his ears. Then he enjoyed watching all the pretty "thunder and lightening" light up the sky. He even managed to fall asleep while all the loud BOOMS were happening. I enjoyed watching the fireworks and managed to practically get eaten alive by mosquitoes. I have a cluster of at least 15 bites on the back of my thigh. Those bastards managed to bite through the jeans that I had on! I also have one on the palm of my hand, my little toe, and my ear – just to name a few. Thankfully only 2 or 3 are still itching.

*Top picture - Logan getting help holding the sparkler from Great Aunt Gail

*Bottom picture - Logan watering the trees....and Hunter along with Matthew's help

Monday, July 2


A quick note to let you know I won't be updating this week. We've got family in town and more will be arriving in the next couple of days. We are heading up to the lake on Wednesday to celebrate the 4th. I work on Thursday, so Mike & I will be leaving Logan up at the lake and heading back home and then going back up to the lake on Friday to spend the weekend up there. Have a great Holiday everyone and I'll check in on you next week J

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