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Tuesday, July 29

He's Sick

My little guy is under the weather. I took him to the doctor today after another mostly sleepness night. I figured it was either the doctor or Mike & I were going to kill each other with our lack of sleep - I chose the doctor.

#1 sign that the munchkin is sick - - all he wants to do is lie on the couch and watch Backyardigans. Luckily, we were able to see the doctor right away. Logan proved to be the most ornery patient today though. He wouldn't even stand on the scale and when the nurse went to take his temperature he started screaming like a banshee. Fun times! The doctor came in and listed to his heart, checked his ears and then looked at his tonsils. Logan ended up getting sick on himself and on the doctor. And you know what came up? The milk he had drank this morning - it took a TON of willpower on my part not to get sick right along with him. The doctor said one of his ears is a little infected and his tonsils are inflamed - which would explain why he's barely eaten anything since Saturday. We now have a prescription for amoxicillin and bottles of Tylenol and Motrin to disperse to him every 4 hours.

Of all the weeks to catch something it has to be this week :( He was supposed to go to daycare today but instead is on the couch. The medicine seems to be helping though so I just hope he's feeling better by tomorrow. My Mom's job has their annual company picnic at the park with the giant super slide tomorrow so they were going to take him with. I'm sure he'll be bummed if he doesn't get to go.


Sunday, July 27

Another Weekend Gone

We had another productive weekend. Friday night we relaxed a bit and took Logan to the park, he was having a really good time too until him and another little boy ran into each other. I don't think they saw each other and ended up hitting heads and Logan got an elbow or something to his gut. He was pretty much done playing after that so we headed home.

Saturday morning Logan woke up feeling a little under the weather. He had a fever and didn't want to eat anything. He pretty much relaxed on the couch for most of the day which actually enable Mike & I to get some things done. I had stained the new cabinets earlier this week but they needed at least one more coat. So on Saturday Mike sanded them down a little bit and I put the final coat on the cabinets. They look really good and I cannot believe how much extra room they are going to give us up there! Now comes the fun part of carrying up all the stuff from the basement that I would like to put in there :)

I had to work Saturday night so Mike called his brother over to help carry the cabinets into the house. So by the time I got home I saw the cabinets installed with the laminate counter top in place. Mike also got the baseboards put back in the baby's room. We've measured for the striping so hopefully I can get that finished this week also. We're having Logan's birthday party on Friday so we have some stuff to get done before then!

Mike has also been drawing up plans for a changing table for the baby's room. As some of you might know he built Logan an awesome castle that he'll be able to use for a long time since it is a huge bookcase too. Well since he didn't want to play favorites with our children the baby needed something too. So what better thing to plan on building than a pirate ship that will be a bookcase/changing table. Luckily, he's able to use the same basic plans that he had drawn up for the castle one. Unfortunately though, we don't have our carpenter neighbor this time to help with the construction of it.

Sunday we relaxed some since Logan still wasn't feeling that great. At nap time I gave him some more fever medicine and it seemed to help. We woke him up a little after 4 and headed off to the wave pool. Logan had a fun time although towards the end we could tell he was feeling a little crappy again. We'll have to go back on a day when he's feeling better.

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Wednesday, July 23

35 Weeks

Tomorrow marks my 35th week of being pregnant - can you believe it? Well I can definitely tell that I am pregnant :) My heartburn has been raging out of control these past couple of days and two of my fingertips on my right hand are numb. Gotta love all those pregnancy side effects.

Today I had a checkup with my doctor and everything continues to look good. My blood pressure is good and the baby's heartbeat was at 140 bpm. I was down 3 pounds which puts my weight gain at 3 pounds total. I think the little guy is running out of room in there!

My next checkup is in two weeks (August 7th) - the doctor said that I'll get an "exam" at that one to see if anything is changing. I had hoped that I would get another ultrasound but the doctor said as long as the baby doesn't seem that he's in distress there will be no need for one. Kind of disappointed about that - I was hoping to see some more pictures of him before he made his entrance.

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Monday, July 21

5 Days

That is how many days I have left before I go on maternity leave. My official last day is August 9th - but my last working day is actually August 6th. I've noticed that in the last couple of weeks it's been harder and harder to do my job. There is a lot of bending over for extended periods of time which then leaves me short of breath and very lightheaded. And I usually get charlie horses the next morning after I've been on my feet at work the night before.

I'm sure I'll probably go stir-crazy the first couple of nights that I don't work but hopefully we'll be able to get the rest of the things done around the house.

Sunday afternoon we went to the other hardware store in town and they had the exact type of kitchen cabinets that I wanted! And they were $25 cheaper than at Lowe's. We bought one's that are unstained so that is my next project this week. We also got the laminate counter top to put on them. We bought two cabinets which will give me about 6 feet of storage. I will finally be able to empty out the spare bedroom closet that is full of serving dishes and bowls and put them in the dining room. It will be so nice to have them right there rather than down in the basement!

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Sunday, July 20

Busy Weekend

This weekend we were childless - but that doesn't mean that we relaxed very much! My Mom & Dad took Logan up to the lake with them and from the sounds of it he had a blast (like usual). He's also getting very good at casting his fishing pole, which makes Grampy very proud! They left for the lake on Friday and will be back sometime today.

Friday night I had to work, but Saturday morning the work began. On Thursday Mike had started painting the baby's room so on Saturday we went back in to start on the second coat and I began on the trim work. The room is now completely finished except for down by the baseboards - I couldn't bend over that much without cutting off my oxygen supply.

Saturday we also got the garage cleaned out. Ever since we had the garage sale we haven't had any room to get the car parked in the garage. The car can now fit back in the garage - yeah!! Saturday night we went to Dark Knight - GREAT movie! OMG - I didn't think I would enjoy it that much but it was really good.

Sunday we got the final touching up done in the baby's room (minus the baseboard area). This week be able to put the tape up to mark where we want the stripes to go. I cannot wait to see what it looks like when it's all done. We also emptied out the dining room and main living room to vacuum and clean the floors. It looks so much better! We also put quite a few of Logan's toys away. We'll be having his birthday party in less than two weeks so I'm sure he'll be getting a lot of new toys then.

We've got a couple more errands to do but then I think we'll be officially done! We looked at some new kitchen cabinets at Lowe's yesterday - I would like to buy some and put them in the dining room to get some additional space for dishes and appliances. I think we're going to check out the other hardware store in town and see what their prices are.

Thursday, July 17


We took Logan to the local water park last night and he had an absolute blast. Of course I forgot to take the camera but I'll try to remember that the next time we go. (The picture is from their website.) They have an area just for little kids - it looks like a regular park with slides, tunnels, and a tire swing but it's all in the water. There is also water shooting out of different parts of the "park". Logan wasn't too sure about it at first but once he went down the slide he couldn't get enough!

They also have a "lazy day river" that you can just float around in on an inner tube but every 15 minutes a horn blows and that starts the waves. It kind of turns into white water rafting for awhile - Logan loved that. He just laughed the whole time that we were being bounced up and down from the water.

Mike also took him down one of the giant slides. He wasn't too sure about that. Mike said Logan enjoyed it until the end when they got a face full of water.

Logan also got to see an "old friend" while we were there. We were playing in the park area and this little boy runs up to us and shouts "HI LOGAN!" I look and here it's Nolan, a 5 year old that went to the other daycare with Logan. They had a blast playing together and chasing each other around. We even went on the lazy day river with them.

We'll definitely go back there again soon!

Sunday, July 6

We've Been Too Busy Having Fun

I guess this is my summer of no-blogging. I can't seem to post regularly. I would like to apologize but that would be insincere ;) Here are some pictures to help justify my lack of blogging:

We went to a parade in our hometown with some of my cousins. Logan had a blast grabbing all the candy that was thrown by the floats. He collected two bucketfuls (with the help of big cousin Grant)!!

We celebrated my Grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary. There were over 45 of us in the immediate family that were able to attend!

Two days after that my Grandpa turned 82.

We went up to my Mom & Dad's cabin on the lake. Logan had a blast playing with his cousins.

After the weekend at the lake we decided to go to the park one night. Here is Logan, with his cousins Eric and Matthew, on the ferris wheel.

They all had to go down the GIANT slide at least once. Here is Matthew, my Mom, cousin Ashley and Mike & Logan.

Logan was too little for the bumper cars, but he still enjoyed watching the big kids (Mike included) play on them.

We hung out at the park.

We attempted to give Logan a haircut while up at the lake over the 4th of July. It did not work - I will be taking him tomorrow for a haircut. We'll see how it goes!

We had to have our annual rack-your-balls tournament. My cousin Evan & I won!!

This is how Logan & I enjoyed the fireworks - he made himself a cocoon in his blankie.

He did not enjoy watching the fireworks outside. He spent most of the night of the 4th inside the cabin. Unfortunately he didn't get to enjoy the fireworks that Mike & my cousins shot off but he did see others go off. On the night of the 5th the cabin three places down from my Mom & Dad's had a great fireworks display and Logan loved watching that one from inside.

See! We've been busy! It may not have been productive but it's been a lot of fun. This past week I bought paint for in the baby's room. I'm hoping to get that tackled this week, along with painting Logan's dresser. I found some really cute colors with that. Pictures to come!!

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