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Saturday, March 31

We're Moving!!

Before you get too excited we did not find a house. We found two houses that we really liked but unfortunately they were not willing to negotiate very much. One of the owner's only wanted full price offers. We'll see if they're willing to take our offer a month from now :) My Dad thinks we're being too picky since there are over 100 houses for sale in the area in our price range in the area. Maybe we are, but we are planning on staying in the house for a while so we don't want to buy a house that is temporary.

We went and looked at an apartment yesterday and so far it's the nicest one we've seen. The only downside - it's on the third floor (with no elevator), so moving in will be interesting. I think I should book a massage, what do you think? It's a nice size 2 bedroom, with a den, and a huge walk-in closet off of the master bedroom. We filled out the application and we are now waiting to be approved. *laughing* I don't think we'll have a problem being approved since we've already been approved for a home loan :)

My brother, Taylor, has been home this week from school on Spring Break. Logan has been cracking him up since he talks so much more since the last time Taylor has seen him. Logan calls him Uncle TayTay, since he can't say Taylor. Isn't that adorable?

*Picture - Logan and his cousin Hunter playing

Monday, March 26

Hair Today - Gone Tomorrow

Well, we did it - we got Logan's haircut on Saturday. And he looks so different! And so cute (not that he didn't before)! I finally got tired of his hair curling into his ears AND people calling him a girl so we made a trip to get it chopped off.
He did so good while we were there. He just sat on the booster chair and looked at himself in the mirror. He kept turning his head constantly though so I pulled out a sucker for him to eat. After that he kept his head pretty still and let the hairstylist do her job. He even received a little certificate that says "First Haircut Certificate".

And just in case anyone is wondering he does still have his curls :)

Sunday, March 25

Over and Done With

(This entry has been in my "draft" folder for awhile, our house closed on March 16th)

OUR HOUSE IS SOLD!! YAY!! In some ways it feels as though this day has taken forever but in others it feels as though we just moved to ND. We have paid off all of our debt which is a great feeling! It will be so nice not to have a vehicle payment, among other things!! We are continuing to house shop. We have found one that we really like and hope to make an offer on it tomorrow - pending pre-qualification for the loan.

In Logan news, he is just getting to be so much more independent. I think it's time for him to get a haircut though - we took him into the doctor on Saturday (we thought he might be getting an ear infection) and the doctor called him a girl. He tried to make up for it but I think Logan might be due for a little trim. He is also mimicking even more now and his vocabulary is growing every day. The other day Mike taught him to say "booty", so now Mike will say, "shake, shake, shake, shake your" and Logan will say, "booboo". It is too cute! I don't think I've blogged about the other thing he says either. While Logan was here for the 3 weeks without us my Aunt taught him to say "sexy". So when you ask Logan where his sexy is, he will pull up his pant leg and say "saysy". It cracks me up every.single.time.

Logan also got to go to his first kids' birthday party. It was one of the neighbor's across the street (he turned 3). Logan had such a fun time playing and I had a great time visiting

Friday, March 23

Friday Funny

Logan had a blast playing with his new balloon.

Thursday, March 22

Birthday Boy!

Happy birthday to my main man! Today he turns 29 - he's finally the same age as me :) And how are we spending his birthday you might ask? We both have eye doctor appointments tomorrow afternoon which means when we drive back home our eyes will be dialated beyond belief. And since we now live in ND and the sun is shining most of the time we won't be able to see while we're driving. So if you live in our area - WATCH OUT!!

Friday, March 16

Friday Funny

I'm finally posting another Friday funny. This is the first opportunity I've had. It also doesn't help that our camcorder is somewhere in the storage unit. Until that is found you'll have to put up with video from my digital camera.

Wednesday, March 14

Home Sweet Home No More

I'm finally going to write about our trip. But first I have to tell you something - it was over 70* here the other day. Can you believe it?? ND in March and it's over 70!

OK the trip - it was great! It was so good to see our friends from out there. We arrived there Thursday night, picked up our luggage and went to get our rental car. We rented a Dodge Charger - it was a great car. Although I'm surprised we didn't get a ticket since you could accelerate very quickly. Since it was pretty late we just decided to stay around the hotel and relax.

Friday morning we got up bright and early and headed to Bellevue. We each got haircuts (I think I got about 6" chopped off) and then went to Trader Joe's. I miss that place already! You can get the best snack food from there and it is so cheap. After shopping there we went over to the bank where I used to work. I got to see some of my co-workers and talk to my manager. He gave us some great advice about what to do once our house is sold. After that we made the trip to Tacoma where Mike was graduating. The graduation went really well - Mike's speech was great. He did such a good job (even though it only took him about 20 min. to write it). Once the graduation was finished we went out to an early dinner with some of his classmates and their families. Later that night we went to Crate & Barrel to do some shopping and then met one of Mike's former manager's, along with her family, at The Cheesecake Factory. Since we had already eaten we just ordered an appetizer and of course got some cheesecake to go. I mean you can't go to The Cheesecake Factory and not get cheesecake!!

Saturday morning we headed down to Pike Place Market to do some more shopping. I bought some really cute magnets. They are pictures of what Seattle is known for (Pike Place, salmon, umbrella, Space Needle, etc.) on little marbles. We also got some of their jumbo cashews - yum!! After we were done at Pike Place we went back to the hotel to relax for a little bit. We then met about 12 of our friends for dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant. One of our neighbor's were unable to join us but they sent some gifts with our other neighbors. Logan received a cute little shirt that says "Seattle, it rains a little here" and a motorcycle and we got some Space noodles (dried pasta in the shape of the Space Needle). After dinner we went over to a bar to visit with some of Mike's co-workers.

It was fantastic seeing everyone but it almost seemed as though we had never left since it had only been a month since had moved.

Sunday morning we flew out bright and early so nothing exciting happened that day. We had a full day of traveling though since once we landed in Billings (and having dinner with Mike's cousin) we drove back to ND. We got back home around 12:30 am.

It was a great trip and I hope we're able to go back out to Seattle in the near future.

We are still house-hunting :( I'm getting tired of going and looking at homes that aren't what we are looking for. We are really starting to consider having one built. Some great news though - our house will be closing tomorrow as long as all goes as planned! Yay!!

My laptop is broken. I spent 1 1/2 hours on the phone with Gateway and they will be sending me out a new motherboard. Until that arrives there will be no pictures.

**Update: the laptop has been fixed!**

Thursday, March 8

I'm a Slacking Blogger

Yes, it's been awhile since my last post. I'm not sure why I haven't been blogging as regularly as before. My computer has been acting up for the past couple of days - it will just shut off whenever it wants to. Luckily it's still under warranty, now I just need to find the time to call Gateway to get it serviced. Do you know how hard it is to update when you're not sure if your computer will turn off in the middle of an entry?? Usually I just get frustrated and walk away from the computer. I'm doing this update from my Mom & Dad's computer which means I don't have access to my pictures :( Also because of my dying laptop I haven't gotten around to any one's blogs lately. I feel completely out of the Mommy bloggers loop.

OK, onto other things. Our trip to Seattle was GREAT! Getting there, though, not so much fun. Mike had gotten sick late Sunday night and passed it onto Logan & I by Tuesday night. I felt so bad for Logan because he was throwing up and not understanding what was going on. It was a long night for all of us which was not good since Mike had to work the next day AND we were making a 6 hour drive to Billings. I got sick off & on all night and thought I was better by morning. Still not feeling 100% but better. My body decided to prove me wrong at about 2:30 pm. Mike was planning on coming home around 4 pm and then we would be on the road. Luckily, that was the last time I got sick. Logan was feeling much better by morning also so I thought he was over it too. Which was good since he was going out to Aunt Shelia's for the next couple of days. Well I was wrong on that part too - he got sick Wednesday night out there and by Thursday night Shelia and my Dad were also sick. My Mom ended up staying home from work on Friday to watch Logan. Thank goodness she didn't get sick.

By the time we got to Glendive, MT I was feeling much better. We decided to stop for something to eat and I managed to eat some chicken nuggets and fries. We got to Mike's cousins house at around 10 pm. I slept that night from 11pm to after 10 am - I felt SO much better after that!

Our flights were very bumpy in and out of Denver - thank goodness I took some Dramamine. I think I slept for almost all of the flights so by the time we got to Seattle I actually had an appetite.

Sorry for the boring entry - I'll write about our trip in the next post!

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