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Tuesday, March 31

As most of you have heard by now I'm sure we got another 16+ inches of snow dumped on us from Sunday night through Monday. The bookstore wasn't even open yesterday and Mike's office closed early. I am so tired of winter! If we get another 1 1/2" of snow this will set the all-time snow record for our region of ND. We better get that 1 1/2" - if we don't I'll be pissed! It's supposed to get warmer again towards the end of the week which means the snow will start melting again which means flooding will likely be happening again too :( Last year by this time we were able to go outside without dressing in layers - the golf courses were even open by now.

So to help with my depression about the everlasting winter today me & the boys went to Staples to buy some paper. I heard about an awesome deal on someone's blog and wanted to cash-in on the deal. You can visit my other site to see how much I bought.

I'm doing a Charity Challenge on my other blog soon! I hope you'll participate!

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Wednesday, March 25


Here are some pictures from our town. These were taken today:

"No Wake Zone" - this house is two streets away from

my Mom & Dad's house.

My Mom & Dad's mailbox is on the right.

That is frozen water from the backed-up drains.

This is drainage area was completely dried up this fall. Now, it's almost spilling over. This is about 3 blocks north of my Mom & Dad's.

Our neighbor's house (right across the street). They decided to put sandbags around their house.


Thursday, March 19

I have a real post coming soon I promise. I seriously do not know where the time goes lately!!
Who is Who?

Logan or Noah?

Take your best guess!

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Thursday, March 5

I Want Mommy Back!

Do you remember the first time your child addressed you as 'Mom'? I do - it happened 2 weeks ago :( When Logan first called me Mom I didn't really think too much of it. But then he kept repeating his mistake. The Mommy name is being said fewer and farther apart. I do not like it one bit! Now it seems like the only time he addresses me as Mommy is when he's hurt or really tired. Otherwise it's Mom - usually pronounced Moooooooooooooaaaaaaaammmmm!!!!


Tuesday, March 3

A Race!

Lately everything is a race to Logan.

-It's a race to see who can eat dinner the fastest.
-It's a race to see who can get dressed the fastest.
-It's a race to see who can go to the bathroom the fastest.
-It's a race to see who can get in the vehicle the fastest.

So far it's been working pretty well. Getting him dressed is no longer a 20 minute process and most of the time we don't have to beg him to go to the bathroom before he ends up having an accident from waiting too long.

Usually he "races" to beat Noah. I'm not quite sure that's fair, what do you think?

"Blizzard or Lizzard?"

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