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Friday, February 20


This past week Logan started two new activities and he seems to enjoy them both quite a bit. For the next 14 weeks every Wednesday evening he'll be going to Kindermusik. My Mom had taken him to an event at the library last week where there was singing and dancing involved and I guess he had a blast. The next day she called me to see if I had ever heard of Kindermusik - I had. I had looked into it when we lived in WA but at that time Logan was too young to really justify spending that money on the program. Lucky for us my Mom said they would pay for the tuition if we would pay for the classroom materials. I happily agreed because I knew Logan would have a blast. It's a great environment for kids to use their imagination. We were able to take Logan to the class last Wednesday to see if he would enjoy it (as if there were any question!). The kids were just beginning to arrive when we got there. Everyone took a spot on the floor. Logan decided to stay by us at first but before we knew it he was joining the other kids. He had so much fun. The class is only 45 minutes long but he's asked to go back almost every day.

The other activity that we enrolled him in is tennis lessons. But since the class has 3 & 4 year olds it should really just be called "Please-please-please-don't-hit-someone-with-your-racket!" Oh my goodness is it hilarious! Mike & I spent the whole 30 minutes laughing our butts off. You have to hand it to the the two instructors - you have to have a lot of patience with that age group! There are two girls and three boys in the class. Trying to get them all to do the same task is nearly impossible. They started out the class by the instructors being "sharks" and the kids being "minnows". The minnows had to run to the net without getting eaten by a shark. Logan was too preoccupied watching the sharks that he forgot about the net and ended up running right into it. Of course Mike & I busted up laughing but Logan was embarrassed I think. He ran over to us upset but recovered quickly. The rest of the lesson went well. He'll do that for the next 3 Saturdays. There will be another session after that and we'll see about enrolling him in that one.


Tuesday, February 17

My Big Guys!

Some pictures (because I'm too lazy for a full-on post):Logan & Noah - Noah is trying out his walker. He seems to really enjoy it!

He's getting the hang of eating solids. He's enjoyed applesauce, peaches, sweet potatoes and bananas.
Logan's newest thing is to "do the dishes". He loves just having the water run and filling up cups and bottles with water. He's gotten better about not letting the water get everywhere :)

My three guys!


Thursday, February 12

Real Food

This past week we began to give Noah some solids. He seems to like them and I think he would get a lot more in his mouth if that pesky tongue would stop getting in the way ;) I find that the best trick is to make him smile his big, gummy grin and then put the spoon in his mouth. I usually leave it in there for a couple of seconds to prevent his tongue from pushing all the food out.

We gave him applesauce at first and now he is working on a jar of peaches. We decided to skip the rice cereal since that stuff is so gross. We do add that to his bottle though to help sustain him between feedings.

I'm noticing that once again I'm not nearly as stressed out this time around when it comes to feeding. And I am following the advice of his pediatrician, he'll let us know when he's ready for solids. He won't take a bottle forever but let him do it in his own time!


Monday, February 9


It is the beginning of February and it is raining here. In North Dakota! That is just plain weird :) It began raining last night and is still drizzling now. We've gotten over 1/3" so far. Mike has begun to call our town a lake since the rain has nowhere to go. All the gutters are covered over in snow so the rain is just sitting in big puddles everywhere. If it weren't so cold out (and Logan still has a runny nose) I would let Logan splash around out there. Our weather has just been plain crazy this year - I don't know what is going to happen next!

In other news I finished our taxes this past weekend and!! Unfortunately pretty much all of the money will be going towards some sort of bill. Since we got lucky and were hit with all sorts of medical bills (Noah's birth, tubes being put in, my wisdom teeth being pulled and general doctor visits) at the end of the year some of the money will be going towards that. Mike & I would like to take a little vacation. We are thinking of maybe driving down to SD for a long weekend - anyone up for babysitting??


Monday, February 2

Our Little Garbage Disposal

My goodness! If Logan continues to eat like he has been lately I'll begin to wish CVS would turn itself into a grocery store too! I bought a 5 lb. box of clementines at the grocery store on Saturday and they are half gone. Logan ate 4 of them at once!! His eating marathons usually last about an hour, sometimes longer. Last night he ate 1 1/2 cans of spaghetti with meatballs, a banana, an orange, a pop tart, sliced cheese and yogurt. Oh and Mike and I ordered in Chinese food so Logan also ate ALL of the egg drop soup that came with our dinner! I'm going to have to get a full-time paying job in a couple of years to pay our grocery bill!!In other news I got a massage on Saturday - it was pure BLISS! I don't remember the last time I got one. I had gotten a facial when I was pregnant with Noah but no massage. So it must be at least 18 months since my last one. And boy could I tell!! She found some knots in my shoulders and by Saturday night it felt like someone had used them as a punching bag. They were so tender but I can tell the difference so it was worth it. I got an hour long massage for only $33.75!! I have another one booked for the end of February - I'm hoping to make it more of a regular thing :)

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Sunday, February 1

Giveaway Winner

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Thanks to everyone that entered - I enjoyed all the comments!!


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