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Monday, January 28

New Sink!

The new sink is in and it looks fabulous! What better way to spend the evening when temps. are around -40* outside (yup, I said negative!!) We took Logan over to my Mom & Dad's for a couple of hours tonight so that Mike & I could work on the sink. OK - Mike mainly worked on the sink BUT while he was doing that I did manage to get the walls prepped and ready to be painted. We did have to run to Lowe's to buy a couple more supplies and once we got the old sink out we realized we did not want to put the boring faucet back in. So we now have a brank new sink and new faucet. I cannot wait until the kitchen/dining room area are finished - it is going to look completely different!
Notice how the old sink I was able to put a cookie sheet and a wok in there and it was full? The new sink will give me 2" more in depth! Doing dishes actually sounds like fun right now!

Sunday, January 27

Our Weekend

Logan's wall is finished!! Well, almost all finished. I have to now draw a dragon on the wall and then Auntie is going to paint it THEN it will be finished. The end is near - yay!!

The dragon will be on the left side of the castle. I can't wait to decorate his room with all of his castle decor from IKEA.
On Saturday Auntie finished the final touches on the wall. Saturday afternoon I went and had THE BEST scalp massage ever. Oh-my-goodness did it feel good! While I was there paying my bill I also scheduled a 1 1/2 hour facial/upper body massage for Feb. 6th. Oh yeah!!

Sunday brought along more projects. My Mom came over a little before noon and we began tearing down the wallpaper in the dining room/kitchen area. My Dad showed up a little later so there were 5 of us (Logan included) helping with this project. It went fairly quickly - we finished the entire area in about 4 hours. We're pretty sure the wallpaper was done by a professional since it was a piece of cake to get down. We now have bare, white walls. But not for long! We picked up a gallon of deep red/maroon colored paint a couple of months ago and plan on painting most of the area with that. We are debating about doing a back splash with tile around the bottom of our cupboards. Tonight we went to Lowe's to see if they had any tile that we liked. We decided to wait on that until we have the walls painted but we did manage to find a new kitchen sink while we were there. I have hated our sink since we moved in. It might have something to do with the fact that it is all of 5 1/2" deep. (Imagine trying to wash a pasta pot and your entire sink is full and the pot handles stick out the top of the sink.) Mike is hoping to get the sink installed tomorrow so stay tuned for those pictures!!

Thursday, January 24

Perfect Time

I saw this on Michelle's blog and thought what a perfect time to do this post. Since I am now "with child" (I just gagged a little typing that - I think that is one of THE dumbest phrases) I've been reminiscing about baby Logan. So here he is - a look back:
Logan - 4 days old.Being a little goofball (about 10 mos. old)

On the morning of his 2nd birthday.

It's amazing looking back at these past 2 years. He's grown into such a little man and he's become so independent. And some days he is SO set in his ways.

*Notice how bald he used to be - I can't believe how much hair he's got now!

Wednesday, January 23

You Were Right

Yes, yes, yes – you were all right. I am pregnant!! It became official today since I had a doctor's appointment this morning. I am about 9 weeks along which puts my due date right around August 28th. So we will have two August babies. No need to remind me of the fact that I will be major prego during the summer months – everyone around me has reminded me of that. BUT at least all my maternity clothes will fit me during the right seasons.

I've been feeling pretty good so far. Last night I felt a little dizzy but that could also be because of the fact that I'm coming down with yet another cold. At least I found out today that Sudafed is OK to take while pregnant. I also got some saline spray so maybe that will help me breathe at night.

Logan has been cute about the baby thing (I'm sure he doesn't really know) but he's told everyone when prompted that Mommy has a "baby in her belly". When asked if he wants a brother or sister it changes almost daily.

My next check-up will be on Feb. 20th – we will get to hear the heart beat then. J

Monday, January 21

A Nice Day

Thank you for all the birthday wishes. I had a great day!! I started out by taking Logan to daycare. Usually while he's there I will come back home and get stuff done around here or run errands around town. Friday I decided to be absolutely lazy and sat and watched some of my DVR'd shows that had been building up on our cable box. For lunch I picked up Mike and we went to Johnny Carino's –! I had the best Caesar salad that I have ever tasted. It was SO good! And since it was my birthday I was treated to a yummy chocolate cake.

After lunch I picked Logan up and he went down for a nap shortly after we got home.

Once Mike got home and Logan woke up from his nap we took Logan over to my Mom & Dad's for the night. We then went up to Red Lobster and had a delicious dinner up there. No dessert this time though. Not that I wouldn't have had another dessert but apparently they don't do the whole "free dessert for your birthday" there anymore. Quite sad since some of their desserts looked YUMMY!!

After dinner we decided to do some shopping. First stop was Best Buy (mainly for Mike). After that we went to Menard's. We didn't have anything in particular that we wanted to buy but we did want to see how much some home improvement stuff would cost. I would love to gradually start redoing our countertops in the bathrooms and put in a new kitchen sink. While we were looking around we found a double head rain shower showerhead. It is similar to this but it has two heads – one is removable with a hose so it can be held. It is heaven to use and it was on clearance for $24 – score!! After Menards we went to Barnes & Noble – Mike bought me a gift card to use there and we did a little shopping while there.

When we were done there we went home. And relaxed. With no child. It was so nice. We put in a movie up in our room and I fell asleep probably half-way through it. The best part though? We got to sleep in until after 10 the next morning! Sometimes you forget how nice it is to wake up when you want. J

Thursday, January 17

What to do, what to do?

Tomorrow is my birthday! My parents volunteered to have Logan spend the night with them. That leaves Mike & I on our own. What the heck are we supposed to do? I'm sure we'll go out to dinner somewhere, other than that though I'm not sure. The first thing that popped into my head was hey, we could get some stuff done around the house that we normally can't with the munchkin here (like finally hanging up the pictures above our bed so I can finally take a picture of the wall that has now been painted for months). That and I can sleep in on Saturday! With no interruptions! Oh yeah!!

BIG News around here - will tell more next week!!

Wednesday, January 16


That's what I am. I finally downloaded the videos off of our camcorder. Any guesses on how many clips we have on there? The last time it had been downloaded was before his birthday (so before August 4th).


I have 66 videos to edit. I guess I have a little bit of work to do huh?

Tuesday, January 15

Feeling Accomplished

I showered today at 2 pm - what big thing did you do today??

Sunday, January 13

Another First

Tonight we went to the movie and Logan did great! We went to the 7:20 showing which I think was perfect since there were only 3 other families in the theatre with us. Logan would not sit in the chair though. He wasn't too sure about the fact that they flipped up. Instead he sat on Mike's lap for most of the show.

It was so cute watching him during the movie. He acted (of course) just like he does at home when he watches TV – he narrated throughout the whole thing. J When the "bad pirate" would come on the screen Logan would shout, "There's the bad pirate! He's naughty!"

When the show was over Logan promptly exclaimed, "Watch Veggie Tales again?"

*One other bonus – we didn't have to pay for him! J At that particular theatre children are free until age three.

Thursday, January 10


We are thinking of taking Logan to a movie this weekend. This comes out on Friday and we are positive that Logan will love it because he is OBSESSED with pirates. Arghh!! Any advice about taking a 2 ½ year old to a movie? We're not too worried since we're pretty sure the core audience will be in the toddler age range, but it is the first time.

One other point of business - it's de-lurking day. So if you comment often, rarely comment or have never commented (I'm talking about you - family!!) now is your chance to say hello! I look forward to seeing who has been reading (or not) my blog lately :)

Monday, January 7

That Not So Good

Having a turkey sandwich with butter is not nearly as good as slathering those two pieces of deliciously soft bread with mayo. Miracle Whip to be exact. I ran out of white creamy goodness with a little zip Miracle Whip right before Christmas when I made a Broccoli Tortellini Salad. Ever since then sandwiches have not been the same. And it is quite disappointing when you have glazed ham and turkey sitting in your fridge begging for you to make a sandwich with them and you have to use butter. As Logan would say, "That not so good!"

Wednesday, January 2

The Birds – They Are a Drinkin’

Can birds become alcoholics? Because I think the ones in our neighborhood are getting to that point. It started about two weeks ago. I was sitting in our living room (the one on the middle level) when I heard a loud bang. It sounded as though a gunshot had gone off. I went to the window and didn't notice anything strange so I went back downstairs. A couple of days later I heard the same thing and went to the window again; this time though I noticed feathers stuck on the window. Which is weird because I clearly do not remember there being feathers on the windows when I cleaned them before I put decorations on them. I opened up the window to get the feathers off and all of a sudden a bird stood up on the ground and flew away. That is when I figured out the birds have been getting drunk off the berries from those trees and then attempting to fly. Four times so far I have heard the crash of a bird on the window. Crazy birds!

"Blizzard or Lizzard?"

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