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Wednesday, November 28

Yes, I’m one of those

Yup, I'll admit it. I was one of the crazy ones out on Black Friday. My Mom, Aunt & I were at Sears by 5:10 that morning. We would have gotten there earlier if my alarm had not decided to malfunction that morning. Luckily, they had everything there that we had wanted to buy.

After Sears we went to Menards – they didn't open until 6 so we had a little time to wait. I had a brilliant plan too – the line by the entrance was lined up to almost the back of the parking lot but there was no one waiting by the exit. So I thought that we would just wait until it was 5:55 and then casually stroll up to the exit. Apparently Menards did not think that was funny or fair because they refused to open the Exit doors at 6 (which I still think is a fire-hazard). But we still managed to get through the doors before the people at the back of the line. It was a mad house in there and we all split-up to look for the goodies. I think we managed to get everything on the lists that we had wanted to pick up – I even scored and got Pooh a new bed for only $9.88!! After Menards we hit a couple more stores and had to make a run through Starbucks for some fuel. We managed to get all of our shopping done by around 9:30.

Can I just say that it is quite annoying when people use a shopping cart on Black Friday?? I mean I understand that some of the items are bulky that you want to purchase but that is why you have a friend to stay by the cart in the main aisle to wait for you while you go into the side aisles to pick up the items! Also, I could not get over one lady who had her 2 week old baby out at that hour to shop. I really don't think the sales are that great that you have to take a newborn out!

I got a couple names crossed off my list and will be doing some major shopping this next week. Why, you might ask? Because where I work they are having employee appreciation days and I get 40% off everything in the store! How great is that? We've been able to start putting our items on hold and I have about 3 big bags filled up. Once I'm done shopping there I'll only have a couple of gifts left to get and then I'll be done!

Tuesday, November 20

What’s That??

Logan's most popular thing to say lately is, "What's that?" He says it constantly, even if he knows what the item is that he's asking about. For the last couple of days I've been getting the Christmas decorations up and this afternoon I finished almost all of the decorating (Yay!!). When Logan woke up from his nap, as he came downstairs, he was constantly saying, "What's that Mommy?" "What are those?" "What is that?"

We walked around so he could look at all the Santa's and snowmen taking over our home decorating our home. A little while later we went up to change his diaper. He hadn't noticed the decorations in the hallway before. As we were walking up the stairs he again asked, "What's that?" I said, "Those are all the Santa's." His reply - "I LOVE all the Santa's."

This is going to be a great Christmas!

Monday, November 19

Need Ideas

We had a pretty productive weekend. Got some things checked off of our to-do list. We got the basement organized. I think we got over 10 boxes unpacked. It's now almost completely unpacked down there. Mike was able to set the TV up down there and also get the treadmill out. My goal is to walk on that while Logan is down for his nap. We've moved Logan's train table down there until after Christmas. He's been getting very, umm, frustrated with it and tends to have meltdowns while playing with it. We're hoping this will give him a little break from it and he'll begin to enjoy it again.

Mike got all of the light fixtures changed out and they look great! The only one left to do is in the guest bedroom but we haven't purchased one for in there yet. It's amazing how changing one little thing like a light makes such a difference! The new ones give off so much more light.

I also got the bedding washed. So I think we got about half the things done that I was hoping too.

Logan's has been fighting a cough and Saturday night around midnight he ended up coughing to the point of making himself sick. Mike shampooed the carpet in his room, the hallway and a little in ours. Logan woke up again last night from coughing but I brought him downstairs for about 30 minutes and he just slept in my arms. I didn't hear him the rest of the night so hopefully it's leaving him. He's been coughing a little this morning but that's mainly because he cannot sit still :)

I've got a dilemma that I need some ideas for. Last year I purchased this
great advent calendar but I need some ideas as to what to put in it for Logan each day. I've got some candy I was going to use but I'd like a couple other things so he's not on a chocolate high the whole month. Any suggestions would be great!

Friday, November 16

To-Do List

Hopefully we'll get some of these done this weekend. Anyone want to watch our little helper for a bit this weekend? J

-change out old 80's style light fixtures with pretty ones from Lowe's

-tackle the basement

-begin painting mural on Logan's bedroom wall

-hang stuff on our painted bedroom wall (take picture to post on blog)

-bring in Christmas decorations

-wash bedding

Wednesday, November 14

It's Done

The tooth is out. It wasn't as painful as I anticipated it to be. I now have a lovely gaping hole in the front of my mouth. Luckily though I was able to get the temporary one today. I'm not supposed to sleep with that in until the swelling has gone down.

Tuesday, November 13

I Guess I’ll Do An Update

Yeah, yeah – it's been awhile. Sorry, I've been busy and I'm still feeling like crap. I guess you'll have to put up with bullets for now:

  • Logan is enjoying daycare more and more. Today we went to meet Mike for lunch and once we got in the car Logan asked, "Go to Resa's house?" When I took him there on Monday Teresa said he barely cried at all. When we picked him up he was outside with the other kids running around and playing.
  • Mike did not realize he had Monday off until he got to work and the parking lot was empty. I guess he's not used to the different holidays he has off with this job.
  • Speaking of days off, Mike will not have the day after Thanksgiving off this year. I guess I'll have to see if Uncle TayTay will be able to watch Logan so I can go SHOPPING! J
  • I will be getting tortured going to the dentist tomorrow to have a tooth pulled. I've needed to have this done since Logan was a baby but have kept putting it off. I am not looking forward to it at all. I'll be getting a temporary tooth for awhile and eventually will have an implant put in. To make matters worse the temporary one will not be ready for about a day so I'll be toothless until then. Oh yeah, and it's one of my front teeth. Hi, my name is Tanya and I'm a redneck!

  • The bedroom wall is painted in our room – it looks great. No picture yet since we haven't hung anything on it yet. Hopefully this week we will.
  • We put up our Christmas lights yesterday while Logan was at daycare. One of our decorations broke because of the hurricane wind that is blowing through the area today. Does anyone have a welding machine I can borrow?
  • No one has ordered Santa letters yet L There are only about 2 weeks left to order them to guarantee that they will arrive by Christmas. Get the word out!!

Ok – that's all I've got for the bulleted list. I'm sure I'll write some tomorrow after the tooth pulling takes place.

Sunday, November 4

Our Weekend

On Friday Logan went to daycare for the second time. He seems to be adjusting to it and didn't cry for as long this time. Teresa said he played with the kids more and actually ate lunch this time. Friday afternoon Logan had the pleasure of going to the doctor for his 2 year check up (only 2 months late J). He received 2 shots (the last Hepatitis one and his flu shot) – he was not happy about those! But I came to the rescue and had a sucker waiting for him. By the time he was dressed he had stopped crying. This appointment was with a new doctor since the last one we went to spent less than 5 minutes in the room with us. I figured we would continue seeing a new one until we found one that we liked. She was great! She colored with Logan and talked to him and let him look at her stethoscope. He is 70% in height (3 ft. tall!) and 80% in weight (32.7 pounds). She said we can switch him to 2% milk now. I had to laugh at some of the questions she asked to see if he was on track for his age. One of them was – does he have at least a 30 word vocabulary. Um yeah, probably closer to 100! And I think she saw that just by interacting with him. She couldn't believe that he knew so many colors (she had an easel in the room so that he could color) or that he could almost talk in complete sentences. We were pretty proud of our boy as we left the clinic J. And to quote her, "He's going to be a tough one to follow".

As we were leaving the clinic I noticed they were doing flu shots on Saturday. I figured since Logan had just received his Mike & I might as well get ours. Saturday morning I woke up with a sore throat but we still managed to go and get our shots. Once we got Logan down for a nap we also continued our painting of the house. We painted one of the stairways/hallway going down to the basement (just white for now) and finished painting Logan's future room. We painted over the castle that my Aunt had done. I wasn't happy with how the sky had turned out (I had painted that part) so I decided to start over completely. I bought a book at the bookstore where I work that has some castles and scenery pictures in it. I'm hoping to paint one of those on the wall. We'll see if that turns out or if I'll be painting over that too.

Today we're finished up the painting in Logan's room and will also be painting in our room. I found some paint on clearance at Wal-Mart (the color was wrong for another customer) so I picked it up. It should be enough to paint one wall in our room. We're going to paint the wall that the bed goes against. The color is called arctic blue. I hope it looks nice! Once that's done I'll be able to hang up some stuff on the walls in there.

"Blizzard or Lizzard?"

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