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Friday, April 20

It Has Begun

We've begun to move......finally! We received the keys to the apartment on Wednesday. Mike & I took over two truckloads that night. Today Logan & I went over and began to unpack and tonight Shane (my cousin), three of his friends, and one of Mike's brothers helped us get some of our stuff over there. I didn't have to lift a single thing - it was great! We made two trips over there. All of our furniture is out of the storage unit, only boxes are left. Most of the guys volunteered to help us out tomorrow again. We should be able to get everything out of storage and spend our first night there. I hope Logan adapts well.

I probably won't be around too much for a little while - I have an apartment to get organized. Any volunteers to help?

Tuesday, April 17

A Lllllapppp

Logan has begun doing one of the cutest things. If he gets hurt or is tired he'll come up to Mike or I and say, "A lap" - meaning he wants to sit on our lap. Almost every morning after we have breakfast he'll come over and say it to me. I love getting that extra snuggle time with him.

He is beginning to try to blackmail us with it though. When we announce that it's time to go to bed he'll run over and say "a lap" thinking that he can then sit on the lap and he will not need to go to bed.

Saturday, April 14

The Nerve!!

Remember when we made an offer on a house....or two, a couple of weeks ago? I didn't blog too much about it afterwards because it was such a bad experience. See, we still don't have a realtor to call our own so when we made the offers we didn't really get to "choose" the person who held our fate in their hands. We found our realtor by simply calling an agency here in town that had a house listed that we really wanted and we were passed to one of their agents to help us make an offer on the house.

The first bad sign should have been that it took over 2 hours to write up the paperwork. We've only bought two other houses, but it never took that long to sign on all the dotted lines.

The second sign came when making a counter offer on their counter offer and having our realtor asking us, "you can't do another $9k?". Which instantly pissed me off because one of my biggest peeves is when you buy a car and the salesman comes back from "the-office-whose-door-is-always-closed" and gives you the payment options. At which time you tell them it's too high and then they ask the question, "you can't do an extra $$ amount?" "but if you cut out buying a coffee a day you would be able to afford that payment". Yup, cuz that's what I want to do - stretch myself so thin on a car payment that I can't even afford a flippin' coffee every once in awhile!!

The third and final sign was when we decided to stop house-hunting for a little bit and he lost our earnest money check! And then had the gall to ask if we had accidentally taken it with us....can you believe that? What type of realtor are you if you lose some one's check for $2000??

Here is where it gets funny though - Mike got a call from him the other day. AND he wanted to let us know he's still keeping his eyes open for any houses we might be interested in. How dumb would we have to be to let this guy attempt to do another real estate transaction for us? I mean granted, I have to admit, he does have..... um guts. And I'm sure he was seeing dollar signs since he didn't have to do any leg work for us and would still be making over $6k.
*No, this picture has nothing to do with the post. I just think he looks hilarious - the shoes definitely make the outfit*

Friday, April 13

Friday Funny

An oldy but goody - enjoy!

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Wednesday, April 11

Isn't It April??

Ok, seriously, what is with the snow?? It has been snowing here since yesterday and it has no signs of stopping! Which is not good since we will be moving this weekend. I don't think my cousin and his friends will be as willing to help us move if there is all this white crap on the ground. I might have to break down and finally buy a pair of snow boots - although I suppose that is a good idea anyway for next winter.
On a good note though at least the snow is nice and wet which means it makes great snowmen. Or snowman and bunny. Yesterday afternoon my Mom, Dad, Logan, and Mike went out and built a snowman while I made dinner. They turned out really cute, don't you think? So cute that the picture I submitted to the evening news was shown during the weather report. Too bad they put the wrong name up with the photo. But they did send me an apology email so I guess that makes up for it a little.

Tuesday, April 10

Easter Overboard

We had a wonderful Easter spent with family. This is the first Easter in over 7 years that we have spent it with our immediate family. It is so great to be close to our family again. The Easter bunny spoiled Logan - I think he (EB) had the holiday confused with Christmas. He visited almost every family members house and left gifts for Logan.

Logan got quite the assortment of goodies. To name a few he got his very own golf set, baseball bat & ball, books, a singing bunny, movies, and a sleeping mat. He also got to go on an egg hunt in the living room. He did a pretty good job too. He didn't need that much help finding the 20 eggs "hidden" throughout the living room.

We spent time with both sides of the family. Logan had a great time playing with his older cousins, especially "racing" them on the new pillows that came with the sleep mats. He also loved watching his baby cousin, Chloe, who is only 6 months old.

In other events we have now officially found an apartment. We signed a lease (6 months) last Friday and will be moving into it by the 15th. It is MUCH better than the one we had previously thought we would be getting. It has it's own private entrance and there are only three other apartments in the building. It also includes a 2 car garage and there is a washer/dryer in the unit. Another bonus - there is a children's park right next door. I have a feeling we'll be spending a lot of time over there.

Thursday, April 5

Some Tidbits

I'm back to the bulleted list - here goes:

-We did not get the apartment. I called the guy today and he has decided to let someone else rent it - whatever. We're going to look at 2 more tonight, hopefully one of them won't have a problem renting to a couple with a toddler.

-We got snow dumped on us this last week so no more Spring for a little while longer. The past couple mornings it has been down in the single digits. What the heck is up with that?? Where is Spring?!?!

-Logan has learned the word no. It's pretty funny right now though because he uses it completely wrong. ANY question that you ask him his answer is "NO", (he also shakes his head when he replies). So if I ask him, "Logan, do you want some juice?" He's quick to reply with a "no", but then if you take it away he'll shout that he wants the juice. Cracks me up!

-He's also learned to say thanks ("tanks"), but this word he uses correctly. It's so cute when he's so polite. And he says it so nonchalantly, it's hilarious!

-He's begun to throw lovely screaming fits. He's always thrown a fit when he doesn't get his way (stomping his feet and crying), but now he's thrown screaming into the mix. Can I just say once again how lovely that is??

Tuesday, April 3

The Hunt is On!

On Sunday Logan got to participate in his very first Easter egg hunt. One of my Mom & Dad's neighbors puts one on every year. They hid about 600 eggs throughout the backyards and there were about 25 kids who participated. We should have practiced with Logan though on what to do. When the egg hunt started he wasn't quite sure what to do. It was mass chaos since kids were running around and screaming while picking up the eggs. I think Logan would have been content to just watch all the other kids. Luckily though he had me, Mike, and my Dad to "coach" him and show him what to do. At first he just wanted to hold one egg and shake it. But once I showed him they go in the bucket I think he finally got the hang of it. He ended up grabbing about 20 eggs (not bad for the first time).

Once all the eggs were gathered we went over to the neighbor's garage where there were more toys to pick from. Each of the kids got to pick a "special" egg that had a number in it (1-25). The number the child picked determined what order they got to pick a toy from the table (Logan's number was 16). There were all kinds of toys - water noodles, hula hoops, sidewalk chalk, water balloons, bath crayons, beach balls, etc.

By this time Logan was more interested in just playing with the plastic eggs so Mike & I picked out the toys for him. He got big sand bucket and shovel to play with and we picked out a gun that shoots foam rings out of it. The gun is a little hard for him to pull the trigger on but he loves the bucket. He will sit and dump his eggs out of the bucket and then proceed to use the shovel to put the eggs back in the bucket. I think once summer finally arrives I'll have a little gardener to help me.

"Blizzard or Lizzard?"

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