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Tuesday, March 3

A Race!

Lately everything is a race to Logan.

-It's a race to see who can eat dinner the fastest.
-It's a race to see who can get dressed the fastest.
-It's a race to see who can go to the bathroom the fastest.
-It's a race to see who can get in the vehicle the fastest.

So far it's been working pretty well. Getting him dressed is no longer a 20 minute process and most of the time we don't have to beg him to go to the bathroom before he ends up having an accident from waiting too long.

Usually he "races" to beat Noah. I'm not quite sure that's fair, what do you think?


Blogger Scooter & Emi said...

We're racing at our house too... on the way into Cici's, getting dressed, getting buckled into seatbelts... The only problem is when Emily beats Scooter!! lol Scooter gets ALL worked up because HE was supposed to be the winner of the race... he's settled down a little since because since I'm the one who buckles Emily into her carseat, he at least beats ME into MY seatbelt. While you have fairness and weight divisions to work on, I think we have sportsmanship as our challenge. ;) :D

3/04/2009 1:31 PM  

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