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Tuesday, February 17

My Big Guys!

Some pictures (because I'm too lazy for a full-on post):Logan & Noah - Noah is trying out his walker. He seems to really enjoy it!

He's getting the hang of eating solids. He's enjoyed applesauce, peaches, sweet potatoes and bananas.
Logan's newest thing is to "do the dishes". He loves just having the water run and filling up cups and bottles with water. He's gotten better about not letting the water get everywhere :)

My three guys!



Blogger Nancy said...

Oh my goodness! They ARE getting big!

And I *love* Mike's hat :)

2/19/2009 11:38 AM  
Blogger Scooter & Emi said...

Scooter says:

Look at those CUTE pictures. They are so adorable! That is a cute baby! And it's sweet.

I have to agree!!! :D Any post with pictures is a good post :)

2/19/2009 1:37 PM  

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