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Tuesday, January 20


We had such a nice weekend! It was above 30* outside and the snow began to melt!! Logan was able to actually go outside for longer than 20 minutes. He had a blast playing with the neighbor kids. Mike built up the snow in the front of our yard so he has his own little sledding hill :) I'll post some videos of him later this week - they are hilarious!

We celebrated my birthday on Sunday. I got the pleasure of getting up at 6:15 AM to take my Mom & Dad to the airport. They flew out to Cancun for a week. And yes, I'm extremely jealous! It's a good thing we had nice weather this weekend. I went back to bed when I got home and I was able to sleep until after 11 - it was wonderful! We had some lunch and then I went to meet my good friend Carey for lunch and a movie. Before lunch I made a stop at CVS (where else?!?) - you can see what I scored by going HERE. We had a great lunch at Ruby Tuesdays and then we went to see The Reader. It was an OK movie but I don't really need to see it again. Carey & I then came back to my house for ice cream cake. Logan picked it out - can you tell? It was between this one and one with a basketball on it - hahaha.
I had a nice, relaxing birthday!



Blogger Michelle said...

happy belated birthday!! It sounds like it was a nice day - especially being able to sleep until 11 after getting up so early!

1/21/2009 11:56 AM  
Blogger Nancy said...

oh! How did I miss this one??

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! (A little late *blush*)

1/22/2009 12:11 PM  

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