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Friday, January 30

Tell Me I'm Not The Only One

This morning I took Logan to daycare. Then Noah & I made a trip to the dentist - my fake tooth had chipped. I got that repaired, ran to CVS, and then came home for a bit. Noah had fallen asleep in his car seat so I left him in there until he woke up. I then fed him a bottle. Of course when I burped him he decided to spit up on both of us. So I took him up to change his outfit and my pants. On our way downstairs I heard a splat on the floor. Yup, he spit up again - this time on the floor and the back of my shirt. So back upstairs we went so I could change shirts. By this time it was time to go and pick Mike up for lunch.

Got Mike for lunch.

Got to Applebee's. Mike & I are sitting there visiting when he looks at me and asks, "Is your shirt on inside out?"

Oh yes it was. Because apparently when you have a child, you not only become forgetful, you also forget how to dress yourself!


Wednesday, January 28

How Did This Happen??

How did this little guy:

Turn into this BIG guy:


Monday, January 26

Bloggy Carnival

This giveaway is now closed!

If this is your first time here - Welcome! If you're a returning visitor - nice to see you again!! This is my first time participating in the giveaway. I hope you like going to the movies because I'm giving away a $15 gift card to AMC theaters! Before I get to the actual contest I'd like to tell you a little about my family.

I have two little boys - Logan (born 8.4.05) and Noah (born 8.24.08). I've been married to my high school sweetheart for almost 9 years. We've lived in ND, IL, WA and now we are back in ND - freezing our butts off currently :) I have become known as the "coupon queen" to my family and friends recently and they all seem to think I'm obsessed with CVS. I honestly don't know what they are talking about ;)

Alright, onto the contest. Like I said, I'm giving away a $15 gift card to AMC theaters. I have quite a few ways you can enter:

1-Leave me a comment on this post telling me what movie you would like to see using the gift card.

2-Sign my map on the top of my blog (if you sign this make sure to input your email address!)

3-Subscribe to my blog (leave a separate comment letting me know you have done this).

4-Visit my other blog and leave me a money-saving tip! I love to hear how others save.

5-Become a follower/subscriber to my other blog.

OK - I think that's enough ways to enter! I will notify the winner sometime on February 1st (you can't expect me to pick an exact time with a newborn can you?!?)

PLEASE leave me a way to contact you (an email address or link to your blog)!

Good luck!! If you would like to enter more giveaways or have one yourself please visit Bloggy Giveaways!


Thursday, January 22

4 Months Old

Noah had his 4 month check-up last Thursday. He is getting to be such a big boy! Have I mentioned that he has TWO teeth already? Yeah, two - he's growing up too fast already. He now weighs 16 lbs. 6 oz. and is over 26" tall. He is such a good baby. He is very smiley and loves it when you talk to him.

Logan has become quite the little helper. He has helped me give Noah a couple of baths.

The other week Mike even snapped a picture of him feeding his little brother.

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Tuesday, January 20


We had such a nice weekend! It was above 30* outside and the snow began to melt!! Logan was able to actually go outside for longer than 20 minutes. He had a blast playing with the neighbor kids. Mike built up the snow in the front of our yard so he has his own little sledding hill :) I'll post some videos of him later this week - they are hilarious!

We celebrated my birthday on Sunday. I got the pleasure of getting up at 6:15 AM to take my Mom & Dad to the airport. They flew out to Cancun for a week. And yes, I'm extremely jealous! It's a good thing we had nice weather this weekend. I went back to bed when I got home and I was able to sleep until after 11 - it was wonderful! We had some lunch and then I went to meet my good friend Carey for lunch and a movie. Before lunch I made a stop at CVS (where else?!?) - you can see what I scored by going HERE. We had a great lunch at Ruby Tuesdays and then we went to see The Reader. It was an OK movie but I don't really need to see it again. Carey & I then came back to my house for ice cream cake. Logan picked it out - can you tell? It was between this one and one with a basketball on it - hahaha.
I had a nice, relaxing birthday!


Friday, January 16

Logan Sait It Best

The other day when I picked up Logan from daycare this is what he had to say:

"Mommy - the next time is starts to snow I'm going to say, Lizzard go away!!"

I couldn't have said it any better :)


Target Deals

Want to find some great Target deals? Check out this post!


Thursday, January 15


This morning we hit yet another record. The air temp. reached -44* out this morning. FORTY-FOUR BELOW ZERO!!

And of course Noah has his 4 month check-up this afternoon.

It is currently -28* out - thank goodness it's not windy out!


Wednesday, January 14

Shana at Shana's Place gave me this award last week:

First, you have to give some blogger-love to the person who gave it to you. Then you nominate 10 of your favorite blogger buddies to receive this award.

Shana is a great person/blogging friend. I think I've been reading her blog for over 3 years now!! She gives me great advice and I know we'd get along great if we met in real life :) Thanks again Shana! And here are my nominations:

Austin @ Super Baby
Christina @ Beast Mom
Amber @ Crazy Bloggin' Canuck
Kristi @ Rantings of a Crazy Woman
Michelle @ Big Blueberry Eyes
Nancy @ Zimmer Zoo
Jeri @ Smug Puppies
Gwen @ Lobo and Hockey Girl
Overwhelmed with Joy
Jenni @ Who Needs Sleep?

I hope you ladies enjoy the award and don't forget to pass it on!


Tuesday, January 13

Enough Already!!!

We are getting more snow as I type this - MORE SNOW! I'm not sure if I can take anymore!! I think I might need to jump on a plane and visit Austin down south :) I took these pictures on Sunday. We got hit with another storm Sunday night and received another 4" and it's currently snowing some more. I guess if there is one good thing it's the fact that I'm getting some regular exercise by shoveling off the driveway. Our city is running out of places to put all the snow that they have plowed off the streets - can you imagine? People are getting fined/cited for dumping snow (from their property) onto city property.

Notice how the slide on Logan's little play yard is halfway buried and on his big one his swing is completely hidden by the snow? LOVELY.


Monday, January 12

THREE Times in One Weekend!!

Get your head out of the gutter - I'm not talking about that!!

I'm talking about the fact that Mike & I were able to watch three movies this weekend. Two of them were completely uninterrupted. It was great! We watched Juno (loved it), Marley & Me (cried like a baby) and Jumper (seen better).

Have you seen any good movies lately?

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Saturday, January 10

The Aftermath

Christmas is over and the house is almost back to normal. I'm so glad I put away almost all of Logan's toys before the holidays because the boys were absolutely spoiled!! They got some really fun stuff and Logan loves his new electric train that he got from Santa. Noah got so many new clothes - I don't think he'll have to worry about wearing the same outfit twice (especially since I still have a lot of Logan's clothes). All the boys (including Mike) got new Red Sox shirts so they've been showing off their favorite team proudly.

As for me, I got spoiled too :) I got the new can opener that I've been asking for, along with a mini food processor. That will come in so handy when I make salsa! I also got a beautiful jewelry armoire from my Mom & Dad. I'll take a picture of it as soon as we pick it up (it's sitting in their basement). Mike bought me a digital photo frame - I can't wait to put it above the fireplace! Mike & I also got enough money to finally get a remote car starter! I'm sure once we get it installed the weather will turn nice but it will sure come in handy for years to come!

I still have goodies out in the freezer. I've been taking them to work every once in awhile - I'm trying to help them break their New Year's resolutions *laughing*


Thursday, January 8

Give Me Some Love

Ok all you lurkers! I want to know you're there! I found out from Nancy's blog that this week is special:So show me that someone actually reads this blog - leave me a comment!


Wednesday, January 7

Conversation With Logan

Logan: "I want to sit on you!"

Me: "Why?"

Logan: "Because you're comfortable!"

*me laughing*

Logan: "So move your arms so I can be comfortable!" "Please!!"


Monday, January 5


I'm tired of winter. SO TIRED of it. I don't think the temperature has been above 10* for weeks now. I cannot wait to see what our electric/heat bill is for the month of December. Anyone want to guess? I'll be finding out in a couple of days. Thank goodness the sun is shining every day - although it's a catch-22 since every time Logan looks out the window he wants to play outside and every day I have to tell him it's too cold outside.

Noah was supposed to have a follow-up appointment today to see the ear, nose & throat doctor but it was cancelled. Apparently doctors take sick days too. I'll need to get that rescheduled soon - I also need to schedule his 4 month check-up. More shots for him.

Have I mentioned lately what a good baby he is? He is so good!! He's been sleeping through the night for about a month now. I absolutely love that - Logan didn't sleep through the night until, well, he still gets up in the middle of the night.

Noah got his first tooth this past week and the second one is on it's way. He takes after his brother when it comes to teething - he sleeps extra. Thank goodness for that!

I've been shopping the after Christmas sales lately and have scored some great deals! I'm almost done with half of my Christmas shopping for next year! Almost all the stores have their stuff marked at 75% off. I picked up stocking stuffers for the boys (books and some dishes) and some reed diffusers at Pier 1. I also found an Easter present for Noah. Sam's club had this on sale for under $15 and I figure both him & Logan will have a blast with it!

I've also been doing some major shopping at CVS. I think it is safe to say that I know where almost everything is in that store! Some of the cashiers also recognize me - last week I was called the coupon lady by one of them. I guess it's true though when I purchase over $50 worth of items and pay just $1.04!! You can check out my other blog for details on that:


"Blizzard or Lizzard?"

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