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Tuesday, August 28

Oh, the Fumes

Sorry I've been absent since we've moved. I'm still buried in boxes and now I've added paint to that. We got Logan's bathroom painted this last weekend and last night I painted a wall in the formal living room. I wasn't planning on doing that one right away but on one of my many trips to Lowe's I found a can of paint I couldn't pass up. It was one of the screwed up ones that they clearance so it was only $7 for the gallon of it. Yesterday I got the area taped off and then Mike & I painted it. It looks great! I don't have any pictures yet since we have nothing hung on it and it just looks like a green blob of nothing. No pictures of the bathroom either since it's in the same situation – only that room is painted 3 different shades of blue.

Up next on the painting schedule is our bathroom. We're hoping to have it done by Friday since Saturday will be Logan's party. I've been busy unpacking boxes and trying to make the house somewhat presentable since I'm sure all of our family from around here will be coming on Saturday.

We also bought some new light fixtures to start putting up around the house. The ones that are in here are from when the house was built (1989) and are nothing but dust collectors.

I've been behind on my blog walking, but I haven't found the way out of the boxes yet. J

Tuesday, August 21

All Moved In – well almost anyway

We officially have a home again. All the paperwork went smoothly and they gladly accepted our check. J The move on the other hand wasn't that smooth. We had three incompetent buffoons that moved our belongings. We've only found one dish broken, which is a miracle since they were throwing our boxes around. Of course we still have to pay what we were quoted for the move but at least it's done.

We spent Friday night in the house and it was wonderful. We slept like a couple who went out to the bars and drank way too much. We were exhausted! It probably didn't help that we had been up since 5:30 am that morning (thanks to Logan). But since Logan went up to the lake with my Mom & Dad we were able to crawl into bed and pass out before 9:30.

We're slowly beginning to get stuff unpacked. The kitchen is mostly done. Our new oven range was delivered on Friday and it is wonderful! The washer and dryer will be coming tomorrow and I've got plenty of laundry to do to try them out. We bought this and this – aren't they pretty? And yes, we got the blue ones J

Almost every room in the house will need to be painted at one point. The people who lived here before were not afraid to hang things on the walls. And they liked to hold those items in place with screws. Big honkin' screws. We've got Logan in his "temporary" bedroom so that I can fill in the nail holes and then paint it. I think I'm going to do the house room by room. I'm looking forward to it though since then we'll be able to add our own sense of style and pick out fun colors.

Speaking of fun we bought a deep maroon shower curtain for our bathroom. We're thinking of painting the walls a steel gray. I'll try to take pictures as I go along. That's all for now – better get back to work. J

Wednesday, August 15

Almost Time!

**The blog might look a little messy for the next couple of days. Our server will be down while we're moving. Should be better by Monday (hopefully).**

In less than 2 days we will officially be home-owner's again! You cannot guess how happy that makes me. Right now that is what is keeping me motivated since I am SO tired of packing! I just keep thinking to myself, "Two more days and we won't be moving again for at least 5 years! No more dealing with a landlord who doesn't fix anything and we'll have Pooh Bear back too."

I keep telling Logan what is going on but he's too young to understand. Every time I tape a box up he runs over and says, "What you donin Mommy?"

Maybe we'll just decorate his room with boxes since that is what he enjoys playing with most of the time. He loves pushing Moosey or Whaley in them.

I've packed up another 10 boxes today – I have no idea where all this stuff was hiding! Thankfully Mike has been carrying out the boxes each night that I work so I don't have to stare at them all day. And they're not taking up space in the apartment.

I will be so glad once we're moved – No more dealing with landlords. They will not allow us to have someone, other than a specific company, shampoo the carpets. Which means they'll be keeping at least $85 of our security deposit. Who knows how much else they'll try to keep.

I called the cable/internet company on Monday – they had an opening on Friday to come out. I won't have to go without my lovely internet! J

Auntie Shelia has decided to be "gullible" again and watch Logan on Friday while we sign the closing papers and begin to get moved in. My Mom & Dad are thinking about taking Logan up to the lake this weekend with them which would be great since it would make unpacking go quite a bit faster without our little helper being there.

This has turned into a rambling post. I'll get back to packing now.

Sunday, August 12

My Little Munchkin

For the past couple of weeks Logan has been doing some really cute stuff. I bought myself a new purse a couple of weeks ago and he loves pretending that he's leaving the house with it. He'll sit on the floor and play with it for awhile, unzipping the pockets and opening up all the little "compartments" on it. Last night he sat on the floor for at least an hour doing this. Sometimes he'll suddenly stand up, grab the purse, and start walking towards the door. Most of the time he'll just turn back to me and yell, "Bye! See Ya!!!" But if he's in one of his compassionate moods he'll first walk over to me and say, "Kiss?" and then pucker up.

I love it when he does that!

He's been doing the latter more & more lately. Last night I even got a hug after the kiss. So, so precious!

After putting Logan to bed, the night before I flew out to Cannon Beach, OR, he woke up about 30 minutes later just screaming. He was not happy! I went in and got him and he was tugging on his diaper. With Mike's help we got it off and saw a bad diaper rash beginning. As soon as I applied some cream to the area he was fine once again, but not ready to go back to bed since he had a nice little catnap. We went out to the couch where he laid down and quietly watched TV with us. After a couple of minutes he asked me to lay by him. Of course I jumped at the opportunity! I proceeded to lie beside him where he let me smother him with hugs and kisses. I just adore the little man that my munchkin is becoming.

He also loves to answer his own questions. For example he'll run up to Mike or I and say, "Logan eat the chips? OK!!" And he drags out his answer, so it sounds more like OhhhhhKayyyy.

Last story for now I promise. If Logan bumps into something he'll immediately say "sorry". The other day he was running around the living room and he bumped into the couch. He promptly told it sorry and continued on his way J

Wednesday, August 8

Quirky Cannon Beach

These are some pictures that I took while in Cannon Beach. I thought they portray the perfect beach mentality - we'll get to it when we can.

We saw SO many signs that said something along this line. And every single time it cracked me up!!

Grace & I saw this on the last night that we spent in Cannon Beach. It was too funny (and true) to pass up taking a picture of.

*In case you're unable to read all of it, it says:

Bathroom: 1000 feet from Info. Center!

Beach: Stop when hat is floating!

And the last line: NO we don't know when the rain will start or stop!

This last picture has to be the most interesting. Not sure if you can make them out that clearly but there are two baggies filled with water that are hung at the top of the door. Does anyone have any idea why they are there? They were hung from MANY of the businesses in the area. (I do know the reason, which I'll post later, I'm just curious what everyone else thinks.)

*Anyone that was with me on the trip - no spilling the beans!!! Hahahaha*

Friday, August 3

Happy Birthday Munchkin!

Logan Michael – 2 years old

Height: 35" tall
Weight: unknown
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown

When I grow up, I'd like to be… marine biologist (so I can play with fish) or an archaeologist (to learn more about dinosaurs)

Things I can do really well:

  1. TALK!!
  2. Dump water out of the bathtub
  3. Give kisses

My favorite person is… too many to list! I like everybody J

My thoughts on naptime: I don't mind taking them – they help me recharge so that I can play with Daddy when he gets home!

My favorite food is… fruit snacks and granola, sometimes spaghetti or lasagna

My favorite song is… Itsy Bitsy Spider

My favorite day is… any day that Daddy is home

My favorite place is… being outside pushing my bicycle

My least favorite thing is… getting in the tub, even though once I'm in there I have a blast!

This is a list of people I know: (Oh my, there are a lot!)

  1. Mommy

  2. Daddy

  3. Grandpy

  4. Grammy

  5. Uncle TayTay

  6. Auntie

  7. Pooh Bear

  8. Uncle Al

  9. Hunter

  10. Uncle Chris

  11. Grandma Charlene

  12. Great Grandma

  13. Great Grandpy

This is a list of people I'd like to know better:

  1. Uncle Brian
  2. Matthew

  3. Eric

This is how I feel about people I don't know yet: I tend to hide behind Mommy's legs but I warm up to them pretty fast

These are the places I've been so far:

  1. Washington

  2. Idaho

  3. Montana

  4. North Dakota

Here are a few things I really want to remember about being this age:

  1. I love all things with wheels – trucks, motorcycles, buses, tractors

  2. If it were up to me I would just eat fruit snacks, Pocky, granola, and lots of fruit!

  3. I get SO excited about everything and love to be the narrator of everything!

Help us wish Logan a happy birthday! We love you buddy!!

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