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Wednesday, May 28

One Week

In one week I will be in California. I am getting SO excited!! My Mom & I fly out early next Wednesday for my cousin Janel's wedding. We will be meeting my Aunt, Uncle and two cousins (the same one who graduated this past weekend) in Denver and flying on to Sacramento. I've heard it's going to be very hot the whole time we're there. Pray for this pregnant woman won't you?? We will be visiting San Francisco on Thursday, it's usually cooler there. Which is a very good thing!

Does anyone know some must-sees in Sacramento? I've been to San Francisco so I've got that day planned but nothing really for Sacramento yet.

Coincidentally the last time I was in San Francisco I was pregnant with Logan. Mike had a business trip to attend there and I got to tag along for the ride. I was only about 2 months along and it was January so I have a feeling this time will be a bit different. We didn't go to Chinatown while we were there so I am looking forward to that. You would not believe how much I am craving real, authentic Chinese food! And teriyaki for that matter. Hopefully I'll be able to find both :)

Next Tuesday is mine & Mike's 8 year anniversary. Not sure if we're doing anything to celebrate (I'll probably be packing and doing laundry at the last minute).
*picture is of Logan on our way to Katie's graduation. He was watching Backyardigans on Mike's laptop.

Tuesday, May 27

Back from the trip

We made it back from our trip last night. Logan, my Mom and I stayed until Monday - it was a really fun time. I think Logan was worn out! He slept from 10 pm - 10:30 am this morning. He had such a blast with his cousin Hunter. And he had a weekend of many firsts, including: first ride in a semi-truck with Mike and his cousin Shane, many go-cart rides with both Shane and Mike.

First tractor ride with Great Uncle Ernie

First time jumping on a trampoline

I think Logan could have jumped on the trampoline all day long. He had such a blast, especially when Hunter was jumping on it with him. Katie's (my cousin who graduated) party was a lot of fun. We had excellent food and the cake was really original! Their class colors were camouflage and hunter orange. The cake was designed by my Aunt Raylene, Katie and Taylor. I think they did a great job!And here we all are with the graduation girl: Mike, Katie, me (looking very pregnant) and Logan

We had a really fun trip and Logan is already asking to go back to Hunter's!

Friday, May 23


We'll be gone this weekend for a couple of days. We'll be going to the eastern part of the state for my cousin's high school graduation.

My doctor's appointment went well on Wednesday. I was down 4 pounds from the last check-up so that puts my total weight gain to -1. My blood pressure was good and the baby's heartbeat was a strong 147 bpm. I called Thursday morning to get my results from the diabetes test and everything came back where it should be.

I promptly went and had some chocolate.

Last night Mike & I went and bought a new swing set for Logan. Tonight Mike got the lumber for it and hopefully if the weather cooperates on Monday will start building it then. I'm excited to see the finished product - we changed a couple of things around on the swing set by adding a couple things and taking some away.

Have a great weekend everyone - I'll see you next week!!

Tuesday, May 20

Yesterday *Update*

Here's what I accomplished yesterday:

I made my first batch of salsa while Logan was napping. I haven't tried it yet but Mike did - he said it has alot of tomato flavor. I did use canned tomatoes this time (I've always used fresh) so I'm not sure if that had anything to do with the flavor. Does anyone have any tips?

Tomorrow I have my next doctor's appointment. This is the one that makes me the most nervous. I have to have the gestational diabetes test. And since diabetes runs in my family (both sides) it is nerve wracking until I hear what the results are.

*Mike said once the salsa cooled down the seasonings were more prominent.

Monday, May 19

A Success!!

The garage sale ended in a success! We were able to make enough money to buy a swing set for Logan. We'll probably buy it sometime this week so pictures are yet to come. I couldn't find a picture of the one we are buying on Walmart's website.

The garage sale was quite a bit of work but it was worth it. We sold about half of the stuff we had for sale so I think it was worth it. I had made two pans of rice krispies and one pan of scotcheroos and all but three rice krispie bars sold. I highly recommend that if you have a garage sale to have some goodies baked and sell some pop! I think I made over $20 with those items alone!

We got rid of most of our bigger items too - including a bookcase, Logan's tool workbench, a printer and some huge stuffed animals that have been sitting in garbage bags for the past 5 years!!

I had to work on Sunday but while Logan was napping Mike tackled the basement. You can actually see the floor down there now! I should have taken a before picture but I was too embarrassed :) My goal is to continue getting things cleaned up down there and condense it enough so that it can fit in the storage closet down there. I especially want to get Logan's toys in there so that he's unable to drag them all over every time we go down there to do laundry!

Wednesday, May 14

Almost Ready

I am just about ready for the garage sale on Friday & Saturday. Tonight Mike & I took over two loads for the sale. I just hope we're able to sell most of it!! On a really good note we had two sales already - sure it only amounted to $4 but that is $4 more to add to Logan's playset fund :)

Tomorrow is my baking day for the sale. I'm planning to make rice krispie bars, scotcheroos, and coconut oatmeal chocolate chip bars. We'll be selling pop too since it should be nice during that time.
*picture is of Logan on his Big Wheels - he can't quite reach the pedals all the way but he loves driving it nonetheless!

Monday, May 12

Busy, Busy!

I'm horrible - it's been a week since I last posted. I do have my reasons though!

I'm getting ready for our upcoming garage sale this Friday and Saturday. I have almost everything marked. Today I worked on the stuff out in the garage. I cannot believe how many craft things I have from when I worked at Michael's. I just hope somebody is interested in scrapbooking, candle making or soap making because I think I have enough of that stuff to start a business with!

This weekend I had to work and we had family in town. Saturday morning I went and hit some garage sales with my Mom, Aunt and cousin. We found some great deals! I got a winter coat for Logan that should fit next year, some pants and PJ's for him, some more clothes for the baby - including a little Santa outfit :), and some cool toys for Logan - including sidewalk chalk, a weed wacker that is a bubble blower, a whole tool box full of power tools, and some new trucks to play with outside. My Mom bought him a cute little kitchen table and appliance set and some clothes for him and the baby.

Also, my plants are beginning to grow! Take a look:
*picture of Logan is showing one of the outfits I found him for $2!!

Monday, May 5

Why is it, without fail, that as soon as I step in the shower and get shampoo in my hair that Logan comes barging in yelling that he has to pee?? Every.single.morning! And it does not make one iota of difference if the little munchkin was just in the bathroom "making bubbles in the potty".

Friday, May 2

The Start of the Season

My Mom and I hit our first garage sale this past weekend and it did not disappoint! It was perfect timing too since I had just found out we were having a boy on Friday. I still have quite a few clothes that I kept from when Logan was born but the baby can't wear all the same clothes right?? The garage sale we went to was a 6 party one and boy could you tell. They had a TON of clothes to pick through. I was hoping to find some pants for Logan, but ended up just finding one pair. I did find him some shirts though too. We hit the jackpot though when it came to baby clothes. We found so many onesies for only a quarter and since they were sized 0-3 mos. they looked almost brand new. I even managed to find a couple of shirts that still had the tags on them. I think we spent a total of $15 and came home with two grocery bags full of clothes!!

Garage sale season is just starting here but I've already got 3 on my list that I would like to hit this weekend. I have to remember to ask Mike to pull out the totes we have with Logan's outgrown clothes though to see if there is anything in particular that we need to buy more of. I'm also getting ready to have my own garage sale so if anyone is in the area May 16-17th stop on by :) Hahaha

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