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Monday, November 28

First Taste of Solids

Well Logan had his first taste of solids. While we were out at Babies R' Us yesterday we picked up a box of rice cereal. We gave him some this afternoon, he seemed to enjoy it. We're not quite sure though if he realized that it was any different. On the box it says to mix 1 tbsp. of rice cereal with 4-5 tbsp. with formula or water so it ends up being some pretty runny stuff. We gave him a total of about 4 oz. of it and he sucked it down. After that he took a nap so I think it went over pretty well.
While Logan was napping the power went out - thank goodness it only lasted about an hour and a half. Now though the pellet stove isn't working. I hope Mike is able to fix it!!

Sunday, November 27

He's Such A Flirt

This morning we went to Babies r' Us to get Logan's picture professionally taken for the first time. They turned out really cute! He was wearing a cute little outfit from Old Navy. He had navy blue corduroy pants with a button-down shirt that matched. He looked so grown up! We got there right at 11 am when they opened and there was already a line waiting to get in. I was kind of worried that the line to get pics. taken would be horrible. It wasn't too bad though, there were only 3 other people in front of us. We had to wait about 45 minutes for him to get his pictures taken but it was OK - we were able to get our shopping done while we waited. He did really well with the pictures. They posed him and he just sat there and smiled. He was flirting with both of the girls at the photo area. It's so cute when he flirts, he gets this little twinkle in his eye and sometimes will raise one of his eyebrows like he's saying "how you doin?", and of course he just wraps them around his finger. He knows he's in charge!!
I forgot to put in some updates the other day-so here they are. Logan is starting to fake cough. I'm not sure if this is common among babies. He started doing this about 2 weeks ago. If he feels that we aren't paying enough attention to him he'll "cough". Of course we'll then go over to him or talk to him and then he'll grin since he knows he's got us wrapped around his finger! Yesterday he did it everytime I kissed him-it was so cute!!
The other update is that he got his first taste of something other than formula or breast milk on Thanksgiving. Mike gave him a little taste of Cool Whip. We're not sure if he like it very much-not much stayed in his mouth. He pushed a lot of it out with his tongue. After the first attempt failed Mike then dipped the tip of his bottle into the Cool Whip and gave it to him that way. He got a little more the second time. We bought our first box of rice cereal today so I'm sure we'll have more stories about that in the next coming weeks.

Saturday, November 26

We Had A Fun Thanksgiving

I love the Holidays!! I think this year they are going to be even better! Even though Logan will only be about 5 months by the time it's Christmas I think he will enjoy it. Christmas is my favorite holiday (and not just because of the gifts ), I love getting to decorate, go shopping for gifts, and look at all the Christmas lights. This year I won't get to decorate though since we'll be traveling back to ND for the holidays. I hope Logan does OK on the trip back, it will be a long one since we'll be driving. I also pray that the weather will cooperate while we are on the road!!
Well this year I got to be one of those crazy shoppers that went out the day after Christmas-I loved it!! I haven't gotten to do that since we moved out here. I left the house at around 8 am and was to the stores by about 8:20. I didn't have too many stops to make and I stuck to my list for the most part. I only had to deal with one long line (Disney store-I waited in line for about 1 1/2 hours)-but other than that everywhere else was OK. I'm also happy too that I only have a couple people left to shop for.
Our Thanksgiving was very nice-we went over to a friend's house. Logan did very well. He just laid on the floor and played with Mike and the other kids. I'm so glad that as he's getting bigger and older he's able to kind of entertain himself. We have found that lately if we put his swing in front of the TV he will watch cartoons while we're eating dinner.
Logan's toe also seems to be getting a little better, it's not as red as it was before. I'm so glad too since I have had the misfortune of having to have one removed and it hurt like Hell!!

Sunday, November 20

He's Got An Ingrown Toenail -- Ouch!!

Why is it that our children get our worst traits? I got my dad's pudgy fingers and my mom's ugly fingernails - and now I've seemed to pass along some bad traits to Logan. Let me explain. On Thursday night I was giving him a bath and noticed that one of his big toes was very red. I looked at it and squeezed it a little bit to see if it hurt him when I did, but as far as I could tell it didn't bother him. Last night while we were giving him his bath I looked at it again and noticed that it now has a little bump on it that is full of puss. I cannot believe that the poor little guy has an ingrown toe nail, he's too young!! I haven't even clipped his toe nails yet because they haven't grown very much since he was born. I guess we'll just have to keep an eye on it and massage it to see if we can coax the nail to grow outward. I hope it heals itself, I can't imagine having to take a 4 month old in to get an ingrown removed, it hurt bad enough when I had to get mine removed right before he was born!!

Saturday, November 19

He's Already Watching Cartoons!!

Oh My Gosh, I can't believe it! Logan is only 15 weeks old and he's already watching cartoons. Mike said he liked them, but I just thought he was kidding. Today I found out the truth though. We were sitting downstairs and I decided to see if I could put him in the swing for awhile (lately he hasn't been liking it very much). So I put him in the swing and he started fussing like usual. I figured I would leave in it for a little bit so that I was able to get some stuff done around the house. I turned it to Nickelodeon and Jimmy Neutron was on. I went upstairs to put some of Logan's clothes away and about 2 minutes later he wasn't crying anymore. Well I figured he must have fallen asleep, I finished putting the clothes away and then I went down to check on him. There he was wide awake and watching Neutron. He was even giggling a couple times! I guess I can look at this as either a good thing or bad thing, only time will tell.

Well I think I spoke too soon! As I finish writing this Logan is starting to fuss.

Wednesday, November 16

I made him laugh, oh and he has a hickey!!

So today I had Logan on the floor and we were doing the usual playing. I was making him run and do "so big!", and he was playing with his play gym. And I started talking to him and acting like I was tickling him. At first he just kind of looked at me but then he started scrunching his neck up. I did it a couple more times and before I knew it he was giggling. I was using my index fingers and I would just wiggle them under his neck, he would scrunch up and then do the cutest baby laugh. It was hilarious, pretty soon he had me laughing along with him. We did that for about 10 minutes before he got bored. It's so neat watching him learn new things all the time.
Speaking of new things Logan has a hickey. Yup, he gave it to himself! On Sunday I was carrying him around the house and he was sucking on his arm. Mike was like "one of these days he's going to give himself a hickey", well when we laid him down to change his diaper his arm was all red. By the end of the day it had turned into a little hickey. It's still there a little bit, hopefully it will be gone soon. I'm sure another one will replace it though.

Monday, November 14

Discovering New Things

It's amazing how fast time goes by. I can't believe Logan is now over 3 months old. He's getting so big! Everyday he seems to be doing something new. Yesterday he was fussing a little bit so I decided to put him in the Baby Bjorn (which by the way is one of the best things I've gotten since Logan was born). I was taping up a box and dropped the tape dispenser on the ground. When I bent down to pick it up Logan laughed. I bent down again and he laughed again. It was so cute, it was also the first time that Mike has heard him laugh. I had heard him do it a couple times but never this much. It was such a cute sound!
Logan is also learning more about his hands. He's got a lot more control of them and is able to hold onto things a lot better. It's so much fun watching him play with his toys and now he's beginning to put things into his mouth. It seems as though he's exploring them with his mouth. He's also starting to "talk" more. He makes all sorts of baby sounds, they're so cute! He will make these high pitched squeals, and if we talk back to him or make nois back he will try to imitate them.
Logan also enjoys sitting up more now. He wants to be aware of his surroundings. His boppy works great for this purpose since it gives him the support that he needs in order to sit. He's getting to be such a big guy!!

Friday, November 11

We Might Have a Schedule Going On

I think Logan might have a little bit of a schedule. He usually gets up at around 10 am, then lays down for a nap around 11:30, sleeps about an hour, goes down for another nap around 2:30-3:00, sleeps about 2 hours, and then is up until about 8 pm. At night he will usually sleep at least 10 hours. There might be a couple nights where he might get up at around 4 to eat a little, but he's usually back asleep within 15 minutes and will sleep until around 10. We've heard from all of our friends who have kids that we are very blessed to have such a good sleeper. Yesterday though I came to realize how good it is to have a schedule and a baby does not enjoy it if that schedule changes. I had a dentist appointment yesterday morning at 10, after that we went down to where Mike works to meet him for lunch. Because we were out and about Logan didn't lay down for a nap until after 2 pm (he didn't have a morning one at all). This completely messed him up. He was so overtired he didn't know what to do. He slept for about 20 minutes and then was awake and screaming. I went up to comfort him and he would not settle down. He laid and cried off and on in his crib for about 45 minutes. I decided to give up and went up and got him. He was up until about 4:30, he started getting sleepy so I put him down again. This time he slept for around 30 minutes and once he was up he was no longer a happy baby. At about 6:30 I gave him his bath and he was in his crib by 7. Normally he doesn't get his bath until 7:30, but I knew he was so tired he had to get some sleep. He cried in his crib for about 5 minutes and then was out for the rest of the night. He slept until 10 this morning.
Today he has been in a much better mood, he's currently taking his first nap (he's been asleep for 45 minutes)

Thursday, November 3

Stay at home Mom

It's official. I am now a full time stay-at-home-mom. My last day of work was on October 29th. It feels really good to stay home with Logan. I'm very fortunate that Mike has a good paying job that allows me to get to do this. I'm sure it will be hard financially at first but we'll find a way to make it work.
I can't believe how big Logan is getting and he seems to be learning new things everyday. He's getting so strong too! When I'm holding his hands he tries to pull himself up. He's getting pretty good at it too, he can pull himself into a sitting position. He's also getting much more responsive to his surroundings. He notices things alot more. Last night I found this cute little website for babies, it's called , it has different little areas of interest for infants. There is one section on it that's called jump and float, Logan really seemed to like that part. It has a sky and whenever you hit a key on the keyboard a little animal jumps up. Once he noticed the animal on the keyboard he just sat and watched it. Mike then put his hand on the keyboard and pushed down his fingers so that he was making the animal jump. He seemed to get the hang of it and started pushing on the keyboard on his own.
He's also smiling a lot more. Mike will lay him on the floor and make his legs move in a running motion, Logan loves it. He will just lay there and smile. Today I had him giggling a little bit. I would hold his arms up above his head and say "so big!!", a babies laugh is one of the sweetest sounds in the world.

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