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Friday, September 28

Pictures of Progress

Here are the pictures I promised of the painting we've (mainly Auntie) done so far.
This is Logan's bathroom:The formal living room:
Master bathroom:

Tomorrow morning Mike & I will be leaving for Minneapolis to visit Taylor. I scored on tickets for the Renaissance Festival - I got 3 tickets for $30. They retail for $18.75 each - I found someone selling three up on craigslist so I saved over $20! There is a good chance of rain in the Twin Cities all weekend :( But I think we'll still manage to have a good time!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, September 25

A Logan Funny

Sunday night after I got off of work I ran through Wendy's to get us some dinner since Logan & Mike had not eaten yet either. I picked up a chicken Caesar salad for myself. There were grape tomatoes on the salad (I do not enjoy tomatoes) so I picked them off and set them to the side. After Logan finished his chicken nuggets he eyed those tomatoes and asked if he could have a grape. I looked at Mike and we figured why not? So I handed them over to Logan. I wish we had the video camera for what followed.

Logan took the tomato and put the whole thing in his mouth. As soon as he took a bite he realized this was not a normal grape. He looked at me and said, "Yuck", and had the biggest frown on his face. Mike got a napkin and had him spit it into it. Logan looked at the grape again and said, "That was yucky!" OMG – I could not stop laughing. He was so serious about it too!

Wednesday, September 19

I Hope That’s What it Was

We think we might have figured out why Logan was the king of all grumps last week. He got some new molars in. I had noticed that his cheek was very red and at first we thought it was a rash. Every time he touched it he would say "Ow". We encouraged him to stop touching and rubbing it so that it would go away. He also barely had an appetite and preferred just to drink liquids or eat fruit. Last Thursday or Friday I had him open his mouth and noticed that two teeth on the bottom in the back were attempting to break through. By that time I could almost see the whole tooth. I'm hoping that's why he wasn't sleeping, eating, or being his normal self. For the last couple of days he's been waking up in a good mood and he's been eating again.

Here are some of the latest things that he's saying:

- "Whatcha donin Pooh Bear?" – He says this to the dog about 10 times a day.

- "Last time" – said consistently when it's nap time and he's playing with his train or watching the Backyardigans

- "That was AWESOME!" – said on Saturday after we rode the train at the zoo and now repeated whenever someone asks him how the train ride was.

- "oh mo goodniff safe" – Logan's way of saying oh for goodness sakes. He picked this up from the Backyardigans.

- "kewel" – Cool

- "That one's fast" – all of his cars, trucks, and trains go fast. And when he says fast he draws it out and makes his voice very deep.

Last one – today while Logan was eating lunch he said hi to Pooh Bear. Of course Pooh just looked at him. Logan looked at me and said, "Pooh Bear can't talk." Cracked me right up!!

Monday, September 17


We had a nice weekend – we didn't get as much done as we were hoping to but that's usually the case. We did manage to take down all the ceiling fans (4 of them) and clean them. I don't think the previous homeowner's were big on cleaning. There was a layer of dust on each of the blades. We also got some more boxes unpacked and Mike moved the totes of Logan's outgrown clothes to the shed. We painted the book case and coffee table and I'll just need to paint the legs on the table and then that is done.

We went to the zoo on Saturday and to quote Logan, "that was AWESOME!" We rode the train while we were there and watched the ducks being fed. Hopefully we'll be able to go a couple more times before it gets too cold. Sunday afternoon we went golfing with my Mom & Dad. This was the first time I've golfed since I got pregnant with Logan, I didn't do as bad as I thought I would but I wasn't that good either. I did manage to win one or two holes so at least I didn't get completely frustrated.

All three of us got our hair cut on Saturday. I can't believe how different Logan looks – all of his curls were pretty much cut off. Let's just hope they grow back!

In a couple of weeks Mike & I will be making a weekend trip down to see Taylor at college. I'm so excited to see where he is going to school! We're planning to go here if the weather cooperates. Not sure what else we'll do while we're there but hopefully IKEA and Trader Joe's will be a couple of the stops that we'll make.

*first picture was taken a week ago - other one is after the haircut.

Friday, September 14


The laptop is fixed. Now the work begins. I think the part that upsets me the most is the fact that I've lost about 80 pictures because I hadn't backed them up. Luckily we had backed up everything in January so at least most of my stuff will be salvaged.

On a different note, I'm still unpacking (it's never-ending), painting (working on a bookcase and coffee table), and trimming hedges and bushes. There are so many things to do and just not enough hours in the day. I'm usually working 2-3 nights a week and Logan has decided to become the model of the "terrible twos". I think he's woken up in a good mood once this week. He's been especially clingy to Mike in the evenings that I'm at work so he hasn't gotten much done either.

I have this weekend off and the weather should be nice. Hopefully I can get some more yard work done and we're hoping to go to the zoo.

Friday, September 7


Just a note to let everyone know that my laptop over-heated and as of right now the hard drive is gone. Mike is working on it and hopefully he'll be able to recover my files and everything from it. If not someone from Gateway is coming on Monday to put a new one in. All my stuff will be lost - so I'm not sure when I'll update again.

Thank goodness we have 2 other computers I can use but I'll have to re-create everything.

Wednesday, September 5

Can I Relax Yet?

It's been a little while since my last blog. We've been busy around here. We had Logan's party this past weekend and it went great! I only got stressed out a couple of times which is pretty good J The cake turned out great! Logan loved it as soon as he saw it. He wanted to eat the "BIG blue diesolaur cake" right away. Mike pretty much cut the cake out freehand and then Taylor did a crumb coating of cream cheese frosting. I finished it by painstakingly putting blue stars all over it. My hand cramped up and everything – but it was worth it. I have no idea how we're going to top it for his next birthday!

Almost all of our family that we invited to the party was able to make it. Logan was completely overwhelmed by all the gifts and we had to coax him to keep opening them. He got some great things – a train table with a train and accessories, books, a pool, new trucks and cars, stuff for the bath, clothes, a Harley-Davidson jacket, and a good chunk of change.

In other news, the unpacking has come to a standstill for now. Apparently my body decided that now since the party is done it would be a great time to come down with a cold. I woke up Monday with a sore throat and by Tuesday my whole body ached, I had a runny nose, and it hurt to swallow anything. Last night I went to bed at 10 pm and slept until almost 9 this morning. I feel quite a bit better. No more sore throat and the body aches are almost gone. My nose is being blown constantly and I'm sure I'm beginning to look like Rudolph. Logan was also lucky enough to get this so I've been feeding him medicine and wiping his nose constantly.

That's it for now – both of the bathrooms upstairs have been painted. I'll post pictures of them in the next post. And yes, I have to give a ton of credit to Auntie Shelia since she did do most of the work. They turned out great – thanks Auntie!!

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