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Monday, November 19

Need Ideas

We had a pretty productive weekend. Got some things checked off of our to-do list. We got the basement organized. I think we got over 10 boxes unpacked. It's now almost completely unpacked down there. Mike was able to set the TV up down there and also get the treadmill out. My goal is to walk on that while Logan is down for his nap. We've moved Logan's train table down there until after Christmas. He's been getting very, umm, frustrated with it and tends to have meltdowns while playing with it. We're hoping this will give him a little break from it and he'll begin to enjoy it again.

Mike got all of the light fixtures changed out and they look great! The only one left to do is in the guest bedroom but we haven't purchased one for in there yet. It's amazing how changing one little thing like a light makes such a difference! The new ones give off so much more light.

I also got the bedding washed. So I think we got about half the things done that I was hoping too.

Logan's has been fighting a cough and Saturday night around midnight he ended up coughing to the point of making himself sick. Mike shampooed the carpet in his room, the hallway and a little in ours. Logan woke up again last night from coughing but I brought him downstairs for about 30 minutes and he just slept in my arms. I didn't hear him the rest of the night so hopefully it's leaving him. He's been coughing a little this morning but that's mainly because he cannot sit still :)

I've got a dilemma that I need some ideas for. Last year I purchased this
great advent calendar but I need some ideas as to what to put in it for Logan each day. I've got some candy I was going to use but I'd like a couple other things so he's not on a chocolate high the whole month. Any suggestions would be great!


Anonymous Jeri said...

Stickers. Little action figures or animals. Little matchbox cars. Sugarfree gum. Little packages of nuts. A superball. Little airplanes. If they fit, tiny play-doh containers, or silly putty.

Hope that helps! Congrats on your progress over the weekend. Bryan's been sick and I've gotten nothing done. :P

11/19/2007 11:10 AM  
Anonymous jen said...

wow you guys have been busy!!

hope Logan gets better soon

11/19/2007 7:13 PM  
Blogger HOLY said...

We have a pocket calendar - it's my fave thing about Xmas - we tend to fill it with hershey kisses and fancier wrapped chocolates from Trader Joes (mini peanut butter cups, etc.) and choc covered mint sticks.

It is terrible though - my son is too old for stickers and cars so - little christmas treats it is.

11/20/2007 9:44 AM  

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