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Wednesday, October 17

Laptop is down.....Again

Since my warranty expires on the 21st for free computer support I figure I better get my fan fixed once and for all. This will be the third time they try to fix it. I told them that it's not the fan that is breaking, something else is causing it to break. Since they have no idea what is causing it they have resorted to having me mail in my entire system. I have no clue how long this will take so posting could be sparse (not like I've been posting a lot anyway).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

At least you have the oppotunity to have it fixed BEFORE the warranty expires. My electronics/cars/whatever usually wait until JUST AFTER the warranty period. *sigh* Such is my life. ;-)

How have things been? Besides the catastrophic laptop issues, I mean.

Yes, I too was glad to have my boys back. MSN linked the article off their tech and gadgets page, so I'm not sure what kind of exposure it got, but I was kinda perturbed that the entire world was thinking we had daughters. Not sure why that bothered me, but it did.

I hope you're enjoying your job and the weather and your family. It's so wonderful to be near those who love you. We're headed to central WA this weekend to celebrate the in-laws' 30th wedding anniversary. All five of their kids and their 10 grandchildren will be there, not to mention all the obscure relatives, so it should be a hoot. Take care, and have a fabulous weekend!


10/19/2007 3:31 PM  

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