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Sunday, July 27

Another Weekend Gone

We had another productive weekend. Friday night we relaxed a bit and took Logan to the park, he was having a really good time too until him and another little boy ran into each other. I don't think they saw each other and ended up hitting heads and Logan got an elbow or something to his gut. He was pretty much done playing after that so we headed home.

Saturday morning Logan woke up feeling a little under the weather. He had a fever and didn't want to eat anything. He pretty much relaxed on the couch for most of the day which actually enable Mike & I to get some things done. I had stained the new cabinets earlier this week but they needed at least one more coat. So on Saturday Mike sanded them down a little bit and I put the final coat on the cabinets. They look really good and I cannot believe how much extra room they are going to give us up there! Now comes the fun part of carrying up all the stuff from the basement that I would like to put in there :)

I had to work Saturday night so Mike called his brother over to help carry the cabinets into the house. So by the time I got home I saw the cabinets installed with the laminate counter top in place. Mike also got the baseboards put back in the baby's room. We've measured for the striping so hopefully I can get that finished this week also. We're having Logan's birthday party on Friday so we have some stuff to get done before then!

Mike has also been drawing up plans for a changing table for the baby's room. As some of you might know he built Logan an awesome castle that he'll be able to use for a long time since it is a huge bookcase too. Well since he didn't want to play favorites with our children the baby needed something too. So what better thing to plan on building than a pirate ship that will be a bookcase/changing table. Luckily, he's able to use the same basic plans that he had drawn up for the castle one. Unfortunately though, we don't have our carpenter neighbor this time to help with the construction of it.

Sunday we relaxed some since Logan still wasn't feeling that great. At nap time I gave him some more fever medicine and it seemed to help. We woke him up a little after 4 and headed off to the wave pool. Logan had a fun time although towards the end we could tell he was feeling a little crappy again. We'll have to go back on a day when he's feeling better.

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Blogger Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

shame about the running incident
accidents do happen through dont they

hope Logan feels better soon

those cabinets do look very nice

wow!!! Mike is clever LOVE the castle

Id love to see the pirate ship when its done


7/28/2008 12:56 AM  
Anonymous Dawn said...

I can't wait to see a picture of the new changing table! How creative, I love it ;)

7/28/2008 8:42 AM  
Blogger The Beast Mom said...

Wow you guys are like the home improvement gurus! Those cab's look nice.

I hope you took it easy the rest of the weekend, what was left of it!


7/28/2008 5:29 PM  
Blogger Katydid said...

That castle is amazing! Tell your husband he should sell them!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and good luck on the giveaway! I remember those last weeks of pregnancy with fondness. I tried to relax but I can't imagine you get much rest chasing after your little guy.

7/29/2008 8:00 AM  
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