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Sunday, July 6

We've Been Too Busy Having Fun

I guess this is my summer of no-blogging. I can't seem to post regularly. I would like to apologize but that would be insincere ;) Here are some pictures to help justify my lack of blogging:

We went to a parade in our hometown with some of my cousins. Logan had a blast grabbing all the candy that was thrown by the floats. He collected two bucketfuls (with the help of big cousin Grant)!!

We celebrated my Grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary. There were over 45 of us in the immediate family that were able to attend!

Two days after that my Grandpa turned 82.

We went up to my Mom & Dad's cabin on the lake. Logan had a blast playing with his cousins.

After the weekend at the lake we decided to go to the park one night. Here is Logan, with his cousins Eric and Matthew, on the ferris wheel.

They all had to go down the GIANT slide at least once. Here is Matthew, my Mom, cousin Ashley and Mike & Logan.

Logan was too little for the bumper cars, but he still enjoyed watching the big kids (Mike included) play on them.

We hung out at the park.

We attempted to give Logan a haircut while up at the lake over the 4th of July. It did not work - I will be taking him tomorrow for a haircut. We'll see how it goes!

We had to have our annual rack-your-balls tournament. My cousin Evan & I won!!

This is how Logan & I enjoyed the fireworks - he made himself a cocoon in his blankie.

He did not enjoy watching the fireworks outside. He spent most of the night of the 4th inside the cabin. Unfortunately he didn't get to enjoy the fireworks that Mike & my cousins shot off but he did see others go off. On the night of the 5th the cabin three places down from my Mom & Dad's had a great fireworks display and Logan loved watching that one from inside.

See! We've been busy! It may not have been productive but it's been a lot of fun. This past week I bought paint for in the baby's room. I'm hoping to get that tackled this week, along with painting Logan's dresser. I found some really cute colors with that. Pictures to come!!


Blogger Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

you have been busy and having LOADS of fun
what a good summer :)


7/07/2008 2:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see from your 'ticker' that you are getting real close. I haven't been in a while because blogger doesn't like me for some reason (and I've been a busy slacker too!).

Be sure to vent well when painting mamma!

Here's to Logans and babies!!! :)


7/08/2008 6:58 AM  
Blogger Scooter & Emi said...

Loooooooove the pictures. You just redeemed yourself!

And you don't have to be sorry about a low-blogging summer! It means that you're out doing fun summer things just like you're supposed to!! :D

7/09/2008 10:00 AM  
Blogger Holy said...

Hey guess what? Having summertime fun at the expense of blogging is totally allowed. Is Logan excited for the baby's arrival?

Time is ticking - probably slow with the summer heat for you, though, huh?

7/11/2008 6:41 PM  
Blogger Amber said...

If you're going to have an excuse for not posting regularly, you just listed a whole bunch of good ones. Glad you're having a blast!

7/12/2008 11:40 PM  

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