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Wednesday, January 25

Am I Getting Burned Out?

I'm not quite sure what has been going on for the last couple of days, but I'm just feeling burnt out. Logan has been a little more needy than usual and some days I get very frustrated. I've also been taking it out on my poor husband. Last night I could not get a hold of him to find out what time he would be home, and I proceded to leave him a not so nice message. It seems like about 5:30 is Logan's breaking point - once that time hits he's not happy unless he's being held or constantly being entertained - which makes getting dinner ready is quite an experience!!
He's a good baby during the day for the most part and if he is being crabby he goes up for a nap but once it gets later in the day I don't want to put him down for once because then he won't sleep at night. I'm wondering if this is what happens when babies first start sleeping through the night? He usually wakes up around 7 and will then go back down until 9 or 10 after having a bottle.
I know that I'm pretty much rambling but I just wanted to vent about my frustration - and maybe explain a little about why I haven't been blogging as much lately.


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