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Tuesday, January 31

It's So Nice To Have Help

Today Mike decided to play hooky from work. It was so nice!! Logan decided to sleep in today until 10:30 - can you believe it?? Once he woke up we headed over to Lynnwood. We got quite a bit of shopping done also. We went to Babies R' Us and got Logan some new baby food to try. It's so much cheaper if you buy it by the case! Mike also got him some new toys (our child is WAY too spoiled!). From there we went to Lowe's to look at bathroom sinks, toilets, and fixtures. The sinks in 2 of our bathrooms are starting to fall apart - the porcelain is starting to chip - so we wanted to see how much it might cost to replace them. We also looked at carpet and counter tops. We were good though and didn't buy any of it (probably because we didn't measure for anything ). After that we went to Sears - Mike had to look for accessories for his lawn tractor. Yes, accessories, like a plow, cart, and wheel weights for it. I'm so proud of him though because he didn't buy anything!
Logan was so well-behaved the whole time. We even risked it and stopped and had lunch. He hungrily chowed down his and sat by Mike in the booth and played while we ate our pizza. Now why can't he act like that when it's just me??


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