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Sunday, January 29

Logan's Newest Things

Last night while we were giving him a bath he started sucking on his upper lip. It sounds so funny!! It sounds like he's smacking his lips but when you look at him a section of his upper lip is gone. He did this the whole time we were giving him a bath. He did it again tonight while we were eating dinner. I can't stop laughing when he does this and he'll just look at me like I'm crazy!
Logan had pears for the first time tonight and he think he might have liked them. I fed him some after we were done eating and they actually made it into his mouth! Of course he only had about 3 baby spoonfuls all together but hey! it's a start. He's also getting alot stronger - he's now able to sit up on his own for quite a long time. Right now he's been sitting on the floor for about 25 minutes and I only had to help him from falling once. My little guy is growing up.


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