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Thursday, April 6

We Had A Break-In

Our neighbor broke into our house tonight! Can you believe it?? (Well I did sort of ask him to.)
Let me explain: We have a door in our family room that leads out to the garage. This is the door we use the most often. Whenever Logan & I go on a walk we go out this door since the stroller is kept in the garage. We just leave the garage door open while we're outside, this way we don't have to mess with keys. Tonight it completely bit me in the butt.
I've been diligent about walking this week. So far I've walked every day and 3 days I've walked twice. Each of the walks are about a mile. Tonight I wanted to keep my streak going. We had gone on a walk at 2, then after dinner we went on another walk. We only made one lap around the neighborhood and Logan began to get a little cranky. I decided we would just go home and he would get his bath a little early. We get into the garage, I take him out of the stroller, and reach to turn the handle on the door. And guess what?? The freakin' door is locked!! There are two other ways to get in our house - the front door and the patio door in the back. Checked the front door but it was locked (Tonight Mike is at school so I keep it locked until he gets home), checked the patio door but it was also locked.
Now this has happened a couple of times before, but Mike was with us. All I know is he used a crow-bar to pry the door open. So I dug around in the garage for the bar - found it - and tried to use it in the door. Well I had no idea what I was doing. I didn't want to break the door and Logan was screaming and I was beginning to stress out. Then I remembered: our neighbors have a key! Then I remembered: they left for Las Vegas today. But then I thought: I bet they are having the other neighbor boy check on their pets and I saw that his car was home so I'll just go get him and we can look in their kitchen for our house key. We walk down our hill and his car is gone! At this point I'm about to cry. But then another brilliant thought comes to me: I saw that another neighbor was home. I'll just ask him if he can break in for us. So I go to their door, ring the bell, and kindly ask them, "Would you mind breaking into my house?"
He was able to get the door open without causing any damage to it. I was so happy!! So now I have to decide how I'm going to thank them. Do you think they'll enjoy some ooey, gooey chocolate chip caramel bars?? I hope so 'cuz I'm about to start baking!!


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